Christian Study Guides

Daily Devotionals Study Guide

• Gotthold’s Emblems by Christian Scriver ✔ (primer) From the time of its first publication this beloved volume has gone through more than 28 editions. More information and ebook downloads… PDF - [Formatted for Computer Use] Paperback • Devotional Readings From Luther’s Works For Every Day of the Year by John Sander ✔ (primer) “America does not realize what an inheritance she has received from Luther and the Lutheran Reformation.

Protestant Reformation Study Guide

• Romanism and the Reformation by H. Grattan Guinness 🏁 (essential) ✔ ✔ (intermediate) “The Reformation of the sixteenth century, which gave birth to Protestantism, was based on Scripture. It gave back to the world the Bible. It taught the Scriptures; it exposed the errors and corruptions of Rome by the use of the sword of the Spirit… We have suffered prophetic anti-papal truth to be too much forgotten. This generation is dangerously… indifferent to truth and error on points on which Scripture is tremendously decided and absolutely clear.

Books by Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking was a prolific and well-respected writer of Christian novels. Over time we hope to make all of his works available for download. The Passion For Life is an excellent place to start. This book has been said to have helped a reader, “comprehend more deeply the reality of God in daily life.” May these books be a blessing and refreshment to you, and to remind you of the hope that is in us through Christ our Lord.

Essential Lutheran Library

Essential Lutheran Library These books comprise a library of solid and faith-strengthening works for pastors and all Christians. They are flowering buds of American Biblical Christianity and the Lutheran (Protestant) Reformation. Three Basic Books for New Christians and Everyone - (essential) The Way Made Plain Also in paperback “I realize that this city, and all cities, are filled with people who have been unfortunate enough not to have the right kind of parents, who have been unfortunate enough not to have had the right kind of training, who have become busy, and so busy that they must be saved in a few months time or lost forever… We have in view during the next seven Thursday evenings to show the Way and make it plain to every intelligent one who will come and sit down in this center row of pews…” — Simon Peter Long