Calibre Configuration Tips for Kobo and KOReader

The Lutheran Library strongly recommends the use of Calibre to manage and backup all of your e-books. This is free, well tested software.

You can use Calibre “out of the box” and will have very good results. The following recommendations are based on our daily use of this software over more than 5 years. We use it on the Linux platform, but these suggestions should apply also to Windows and Mac.


The simplest way is to keep all of your e-books in one “Calibre library”. You can also have multiple libraries, for example “active” and “archive”. These tips assume you will use one library.

Sending to the device

When we use our Kobo readers, we completely bypass the “stock” software on the device and use the excellent KOReader program. To facilitate this, we use the Calibre “Connect/Share” and “Save to Disk” functions/settings. When using Calibre, we treat the Kobo as a storage device rather than an e-reader. This greatly speeds up the synchronization process, amongst other benefits.



Under Preferences -> Import/Export -> Sending Books to Devices

Look for the “save template” box and enter the following: {author_sort[0]}/{author_sort}/{series}/{series_index:|| - }{title} - {authors}


Under Preferences -> Import/Export -> Saving Books to Disk

Look for the “save template” box and enter the following: {author_sort[0]}/{author_sort}/{series}/{series_index:|| - }{title} - {authors}

Apply the changes, exit all of the preferences screens and you should be ready to sync your device.

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