Books by Joseph Hocking

[Joseph Hocking] (/authors/hocking-joseph) was a prolific and well-respected writer of Christian novels. Over time we hope to make all of his works available for download.

The Passion For Life is an excellent place to start. This book has been said to have helped a reader, “comprehend more deeply the reality of God in daily life.”

May these books be a blessing and refreshment to you, and to remind you of the hope that is in us through Christ our Lord.

Available from the Lutheran Library

Future Lutheran Library Titles

  • All men are liars (342)
  • And Shall Trelawney Die? (346)
  • Bells of St Ia, The (355)
  • Chariots of the Lord, The (467)
  • Dearer Than Life (357)
  • Everlasting Arms, The (468)
  • Fields of Far Renown (333)
  • Flame of Fire, A (350)
  • Follow the Gleam (349)
  • God That Answers by Fire, The (359)
  • Mist on the Moors, The (345)
  • Mistress Nancy Molesworth (343)
  • Nancy Trevanion’s Legacy (356)
  • O’er Moor and Fen (347)
  • Path of Glory, The (466)
  • Prodigal Daughters (358)
  • Roger Trewinion (335)
  • Scarlet Woman, The (331)
  • Shall Rome Reconquer England? (354)
  • Squire of Zabuloe, The (360)
  • Strong Man’s Vow, A (351)
  • Sword of the Lord, The (424)
  • The Birthright (332)
  • The Coming of the King (336)
  • The Man Who Rose Again (337)
  • The Man Who Was Sure
  • Weapons of Mystery (334)
  • Woman of Babylon, The (352)

Lutheran Library Books Wanted

If you have any of these books below, please consider loaning or giving these books to the Lutheran Library so that they can be preserved for future generations in ebook form.

  • All-Conquering Power
  • An Enemy Hath Done This
  • And Grant a Leader Bold
  • Andrew Boconnoc’s Will
  • Bevil Granville’s Handicap (1926)
  • Caleb’s Conquest (1932)
  • Case of Miss Dunstable
  • Constant Enemy
  • Curtain of Fire
  • Davey’s Ambition (1936)
  • Deep Calleth Unto Deep
  • Dust of Life
  • Esau
  • Eternal Challenge
  • Facing Fearful Odds
  • Felicity Treverbyn
  • Game and the Candle
  • Girl who Defied the World
  • Hearts At Ease
  • Harry Penhale: The Trial of his Faith (1887)
  • In the Sweat of Thy Brow
  • Ishmael Penqelly: An Outcast.
  • Jabez Easterbrook (1890)
  • Lest We Forget (1901)
  • Madness of David Baring
  • Monk of Mar Saba
  • Not One in Ten (1933)
  • Price of a Throne
  • Prodigal Parents
  • Rosaleen O’Hara
  • Romance of Michael Treval
  • Rosemary Carew
  • Sign of the Triangle
  • Spirit of the West
  • Tenant of Cromlech Castle
  • Tommy and the Maid of Athens (1916)
  • Wagon and the Star
  • What Shall it Profit a Man?
  • Zillah

Anything Missing?

An attempt has been made to include all of Joseph Hocking’s works. If you are aware of any that have been missed, let us know so they can be added.

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