Henry Clay Sheldon

Henry Clay Sheldon


Henry Clay Sheldon (1845-1928) was educated at Yale University and Leipzig University. Early in his career he served (Methodist) pastorates in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and Brunswick, Maine. From 1875-1921 he was Professor of Systematic Theology at Boston University. Prof. Sheldon was particularly critical of Theosophy and New Thought. His books include:

  • The History of the Christian Church (2 vols.)
  • The History of Christian Doctrine (5 vols.)
  • Unbelief in the Nineteenth Century: A Critical History
  • Christian Science So-Called
  • A Fourfold Test of Mormonism
  • Studies in Recent Adventism
  • Theosophy and New Thought
  • The Mystery Religions and the New Testament
  • Pantheistic Dilemmas and Other Essays in Philosophy and Religion
  • The Essentials of Christianity

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