Matthias Loy

Matthias Loy


President of the Ohio Joint Synod (1860-78, 1880-94)

Editor of the "Lutheran Standard" (1864-91)

Professor of Theology at Capital University (1865-1902)

President of Capital University (1881-90)

Under his direction, the Ohio Joint Synod grew to have a national influence.

A zealous supporter of the Lutheran Confessions.

“There is not an article in our creed that is not an offence to somebody; there is scarcely an article that is not a stumbling block to some who still profess to be Christians. It seems but a small concession that we are asked to make when an article of our confession is represented as a stumbling block to many Christians which ought therefore in charity to be removed, but surrendering that article would only lead to the surrender of another on the same ground, and that is the beginning of the end; the authority of the inspired Word of our Lord is gradually undermined.

“The history of the Church confirms and illustrates the teachings of the Bible, that yielding little by little leads to yielding more and more, until all is in danger; and the tempter is never satisfied until all is lost. – Matthias Loy, The Story of My Life