Emanuel Greenwald

Emanuel Greenwald


Emanuel Greenwald, D. D. (1811-1885) was “a good man and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith.” He trained under the renowned Dr. David F. Schaeffer, “walking 14,000 miles in getting his education”, and was licensed by the Maryland Synod and then the Joint Synod of Ohio. Rev. Greenwald was the first president of the Board of Trustees of Capitol University, Columbus and established the first English Lutheran church of Columbus. As first editor of the Lutheran Standard he fought the “New Measures”. He served the latter part of his life as pastor in Easton, PA, and as president of the East Pennsylvania Synod. “Yet, warrior as he was to the end, battling during his last days against vice, Atheism and Romanism, he never forfeited the respect of good men by coarseness of language or unseemly ebullitions of temper. Like John, he was a ‘son of thunder,’ and at the same time a ‘beloved disciple’”.

His “practical, doctrinal, devotional, and controversial (books) constitute his abiding monument… His writings are bathed in love. Rising from a perusal of them the reader unhesitatingly pronounces the author a “good” man. Whatsoever things are spiritually lovely are illustrated and commended in Dr. Greenwald’s works.”

His books include:

  • The Lutheran Reformation
  • Jesus our Table Guest
  • Questions on the Gospels for the Church Year
  • Questions on the Epistles for the Church Year
  • Meditations for Passion Week
  • The Young Christian’s Manual of Devotion
  • The True Church, its Way of Justification, and its Holy Communion
  • Sprinkling the True mode of Baptism
  • The Baptism of Children

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