James Allen Brown

James Allen Brown


James Allen Brown (1821-1882) was a key conservative theologian at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. John Morris writes of Dr. Brown:

“The theological attainments of Dr. Brown were extensive, and his general scholarship universally acknowledged. His knowledge was accurate; he knew things thoroughly; his thoughts were clear as the atmosphere, and his temperament cool and calm as a morning breeze. No opponent could throw him off his guard, and he was a dangerous man to encounter in debate, unless your cause was manifestly right. He was not born within our fold, but from conviction entered it after he had attained to manhood, and heartily espousing our cause, he maintained it vigorously to the end.

“Dr. Brown possessed a moral courage that nothing could daunt… His courage in opposing the theological teaching of the man [Rev. Samuel Schmucker] who had been his own professor in the Seminary eighteen years before… deserves the highest praise.