The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 5, Matthias Loy, Editor

“This Magazine is designed to supply the want, long since felt, of a Lutheran periodical devoted to theological discussion. Its aim will be the exposition and defense of the doctrines of the Church as confessed in the Book of Concord. Theology in all its departments is embraced within its scope, though for the present special attention will be given to the controverted subject of predestination.”

Matthias Loy (1828-1915) was a giant of American Lutheranism. He served as president of the Joint Synod of Ohio, the Columbus Seminary and Capital University, and edited the Lutheran Standard and the Columbus Theological Magazine. In 1881 he withdrew the Joint Synod from the Synodical Conference as a result of Walther’s teaching about predestination. Many of Matthias Loy’s books are available in Lutheran Library editions.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • Acknowledgment

Vol. V. February, 1885. No. I.

  • The Discipline Of The Will By Prof. Matthias Loy.
  • Confession Concerning Some Controverted Points Of Doctrine By Dr. Schmidt of the Norwegian Synod. Translated By A. Huus.
    • A. — Concerning Election.
    • B. — Concerning The Call.
    • C. — Concerning Conversion.
    • D. — Concerning Preservation.
    • E. — Concerning The Certainty.
  • The Character Of The Old Testament Covenant by Dr. G. H. Schodde.
  • Homiletical Department By Prof. C. H. L. Schuette.

Vol. V. February, 1885. No. II.

  • How Shall We Order Our Lives? by C. H. L. S.
  • The Great Mystery. By Rev. D. Simon.
  • The Fundamental Difference Between Luther’s And Zwingli’s Theology. By Rev. P. A. Peter.
  • John 6:54. By Rev. George Dillmann, Fostoria, Ohio.
  • Homiletical Rules From I. A. Quenstedt’s “Ethica Pastoralis.”
    • I. Never should the Preacher ascend the pulpit without thorough preparation.
    • II. The Preacher should write his sermon with his own hand neatly and legibly.
  • The German Pulpit. From The Work Of The Ministry, By Blakie.
  • For Confession. (Preparatory To Holy Communion.)

Vol. V. June 1885. No. III.

  • The Allotrioepiscopos In The Church. (1 Per. 4:15.)
  • Some Mistakes Of Scientists. Geology And The Bible.
  • The Doctrine Of The Lord’s Supper In Modern Theology.
  • Homiletical Department. Funeral Sermon. Rev. 7:13-17. By Rev. D. Simon.
  • Homiletical Rules, From J. A. Quensted’s “Ethica Pastoralis.” Translated From The German By Rev. M. R. Walter.
  • For Communion.

Vol. V. August, 1885. No. IV.

  • The Will In Conversion. Part I. False Theories. By Matthias Loy.
  • Some Mistakes Of Scientists. By Rev. A. Pflueger. II. Evolution.
  • The Doctrine Of The Lord’s Supper In Modern Theology. Reviewed and criticized by Dr. F. A, Philippi; tr. from the Kirchliche Glaubenslehre of the author by G. H. S. (Continued.)
  • Christianity Is The Parent Of True Eloquence. By Rev. L. H. Schuh.
  • Homiletical Department. Homiletical Rules.

Vol. V. October, 1885. No. V.

  • The Will In Conversion. II. The True Doctrine.
  • Miracles.

Vol. V. December, 1885. No. VI.

  • Some Objections To The Doctrine Of Inspiration Answered.
  • Possibility Of Inspiration
  • All Scripture Is Given By Inspiration Of God;
  • Theories Of Inspiration
  • Christ’s Descent Into Hell. By Rev. O. S. Oglesby.
  • A Harmony Of The Gospels On The Resurrection.
  • Eternal Punishment. By Rev. W. Schmidt.

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