Imago Christi: The Example of Jesus Christ by James Stalker

“The Ministers of the temple of truth, it has been said, are of three kinds: first, those stationed at the gate of the temple to constrain the passers-by to come in; secondly, those whose function is to accompany inside all who have been persuaded to enter, and display and explain to them the treasures and secrets of the place; and, thirdly, those whose duty is to patrol round the temple, keeping watch and ward and defending the shrine from the attacks of enemies. We are only speaking very roughly if we say that the first of these three functions is that of the Preacher, the second that of the Teacher, and the third that of the Controversialist.” — James Stalker

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • Introduction By Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., Ll.D.
  • Preface.
  • 1 Introductory: Thomas À Kempis’ Imitation Of Christ
    • I. To Protestants
    • II. The Author of The Imitation
    • III. Some Defects
    • IV. Lack of Historical Sense
    • V. The Evangelical Longing
  • 2 Christ In The Home.
    • I. The Institution of the Family
    • II. Jesus Honored the Family
    • III. The Training of Children To Independence
    • IV. The Skeleton in the Closet
  • 3 Christ In The State.
    • I. The Idea of the State
    • II. Nationalism
    • III. Independence
    • IV. The Kingship of Jesus
  • 4 Christ In The Church
    • I. Jesus and the Church
    • II. Abuses in the Church of Christ’s Day
    • III. Founder of the Church
  • 5 Christ As A Friend.
    • I. Objection: New Testament Never Recommends Friendship
    • II. Which Is The Best Friend?
    • III. The Knitting Together of True Friendship
    • IV. Active Love Between Friends
    • V. Shared Secrets
    • VI. Tested by Results
  • 6 Christ In Society.
    • I. The Contrast Between Jesus and John the Baptist
    • II. Christ’s Presence at Feasts
    • III. Conversation
    • IV. As Host
  • 7 Christ As A Man Of Prayer.
    • I. How Could God Pray to God?
    • II. The Secret Life of Prayer
    • III. Occasions For Prayer
    • IV. Answered Prayer
  • 8 Christ As A Student Of Scripture.
    • I. The Languages of Christ
    • II. Jesus A Diligent Student of the Word of God
    • III. Christ’s Methods of Studying The Scriptures
      • 1 For Defense.
      • 2 For Inspiration.
      • 3 For Guidance.
  • 9 Christ As A Worker.
    • I. Christ a Working Man
    • II. Some Work Has Higher Honor
    • III. Our Need to Do Our Particular Work
    • IV. The Joy of Work Well Done
    • V. The Necessity of Rest
  • 10 Christ As A Sufferer.
    • I. The Shadow of Life
    • II. Jesus’ Suffering
    • III. The Results of Jesus’ Suffering
  • 11 Christ As A Philanthropist.
    • II. Religion and Philanthropy
    • III. How Christ Manifested Philanthropy
    • IV. Christ’s Example To His Followers
  • 12 Christ As A Winner Of Souls.
    • I. The Value of the Soul
    • II. Divine Call
    • III. “Soul-Winner” is Scriptural
    • IV. Places We Cannot Go
    • V. The Rewards of Soul-Winning
  • 13 Christ As A Preacher.
    • I. As Never Man Spoke
    • II. When The Standard of Preaching is Low
    • III. Personality of the Preacher
    • IV. The Preparation
    • V. The Substance
  • 14 Christ As A Teacher.
    • I. The Function of The Teacher
    • II. Christ’s Methods
    • III. The Aim
    • IV. Seminary
  • 15 Christ As A Controversialist.
    • I. Controversy Has An Evil Name
    • II. Different Kinds of Controversy
    • III. Common Test of Controversies
    • IV. Treating Opponents With Respect
    • V. Responding to Candor
  • 16 Christ As A Man Of Feeling.
    • I. Compassion
    • II. Sensitiveness
    • III. Indignation
    • IV. Delicacy
    • V. Modesty
  • 17 Christ As An Influence.
    • I. Wonder
    • II. Fear
    • III. Repulsion
    • IV. Moral Attractiveness
  • Copyright Notice
  • How Can You Find Peace With God?

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  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0