Bible Teachings: A Summary View of Christian Doctrine and Christian Character, Drawn From The Word of God by Joseph Stump

“The book presents Christian doctrine and Christian character, as both are drawn from the words of the Bible. It sums up the Biblical teachings concerning divine truth and human life, and presents the principles of the Christian religion both for the guidance of faith and intellect and for the formation of character…

“Throughout the work the aim has been to draw the teachings of the Bible directly from the sacred record itself. Technical theological terms have been introduced only where it has been deemed necessary to make their meaning clear to the pupil. It is hoped that the Scripture references cited in the margin will lead many to an earnest searching of the Holy Book for its words of truth and life.

“Whatever aspect of a Biblical doctrine promised to be most helpful to the pupil has been adopted. It will be found, therefore, that some chapters are prevailingly doctrinal in character, others are critical and apologetic, and still others slightly historical; while the ethical and parenetical element has been permitted to pervade many parts of the book which are more strictly doctrinal in character.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Preface
  • 1 Concerning God. That God Is. Who And What He Is.
  • 2 God Made, Maintains And Rules The World.
  • 3 How God Made Man In His Own Image. How Man Fell Into Sin And Became A Lost Being.
  • 4 The Justice Of God Must Demand Man’s Condemnation.
  • 5 The Love Of God Has Prepared A Way For Man’s Salvation.
  • 6 The Old Testament Prophecies Concerning The Saviour.
  • 7 God Sent His Only Son Into The World To Be Our Saviour.
  • 8 The Miracles Of Jesus.
  • 9 The Teaching Of Jesus.
  • 10 The Holy Life Of Jesus.
  • 11 The Significance Of Christ’s Sufferings And Death.
  • 12 The Bible Teaching Of The Resurrection Of Jesus.
  • 13 The Significance Of Christ’s Ascension Into Heaven. His Sitting At The Right Hand Of The Father.
  • 14 The Holy Spirit And The New Birth Which He Produces In Man.
  • 15 How The Holy Spirit Converts Men Or Brings Them To Faith.
  • 16 What Faith Is.
  • 17 We Are Saved By Faith Alone Without Works.
  • 18 The Holy Life Of The Christian.
  • 19 Concerning Satan The Tempter.
  • 20 The Christian Church.
  • 21 The Bible Is The Word Of God.
  • 22 Baptism.
  • 23 The Lord’s Supper.
  • 24 The Death Of The Body And Its Resurrection On The Last Day.
  • 25 Jesus Will Come Again To Judge The Living And The Dead.
  • 26 The Eternal Destiny Of Believers And Unbelievers.
  • 27 The Christian Law Of Life.
  • 28 Love To God.
  • 29 Humility.
  • 30 Thankfulness.
  • 31 Trust.
  • 32 Prayer.
  • 33 Self Defense.
  • 34 Self Denial.
  • 35 Self Control.
  • 36 Sorrow And Pain.
  • 37 Service, Work And Daily Occupation.
  • 38 Pleasure And Enjoyment.
  • 39 Character.
  • 40 Love To All Men.
  • 41 Duties In The Family And Home.
  • 42 Duties In The Church.
  • 43 Duties Of The Lord’s Day.
  • 44 The Study Of The Scriptures.
  • 45 Truthfulness.
  • 46 Property.
  • 47 Honesty.
  • 48 The Right Use Of Money And Power.
  • 49 The Sacredness Of Human Life.
  • 50 Purity Of Body And Soul.
  • 51 Duties As A Citizen.
  • 52 The Christian’s Life A Daily Repentance.
  • Questions For Each Chapter.

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Joseph Stump