History of Protestantism Vol. 2 by James Aitken Wylie

“Protestantism… penetrates into the heart and renews the individual. It is… the founder of free kingdoms, and the mother of pure churches.” — James Aitken Wylie

This is the second of three volumes. The first volume is History of Protestantism Volume 1.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

James Aitken Wylie LL.D. (1808-1890) was a Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister. His most famous work is the four volume History of Protestantism. Other important books include _The Great Exodus, or “The Time of the End”, Rome and civil liberty: or, The papal aggression in its relation to the sovereignty of the Queen and the independence of the nation, The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects, The Jesuits: Their Moral Maxims and Plots Against Kings, Nations, and Churches, The Papacy is the Antichrist - A Demonstration.


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Book Tenth. Rise and Establishment of Protestantism in Sweden and Denmark

    1. Causes that influenced the Reception or Rejection of Protestantism in the Various Countries
    1. Fortunes of Protestantism South of the Alps
    1. Introduction of Protestantism into Sweden
    1. Conference at Upsala
    1. Establishment of Protestantism in Sweden
    1. Protestantism in Sweden, from Vasa (1530) to Charles IX (1604)
    1. Introduction of Protestantism into Denmark
    1. Church-Song in Denmark
    1. Establishment of Protestantism in Denmark
    1. Protestantism under Christian III, and its Extension to Norway and Iceland

Book Eleventh. Protestantism in Switzerland from its Establishment in Zurich (1525) to the Death of Zwingli (1531)

    1. Zwingli - His Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper
    1. Disputation at Baden and its Results
    1. Outbreak and Suppression of Anabaptism in Switzerland
    1. Establishment of Protestantism at Bern
    1. Reformation Consummated in Basle
    1. League of the Five Cantons with Austria - Switzerland Divided
    1. Arms - Negotiations - Peace
    1. Proposed Christian Republic for Defence of Civil Rights
    1. Gathering of a Second Storm
    1. Death of Zwingli

Book Twelfth. Protestantism in Germany from the Augsburg Confession to the Peace of Passau

    1. The Schmalkald League
    1. The German Anabaptists, or the “Heavenly Kingdom”
    1. Accession of Princes and States to Protestantism
    1. Death and Burial of Luther
    1. The Schmalkald War, and Defeat of the Protestants
    1. The “Interim” - Reestablishment of Protestantism

Book Thirteenth. From the Rise of Protestantism in France (1510) to Publication of the “Institutes” (1530?)

    1. The Doctor of Etaples, the First Protestant Teacher in France
    1. Farel, Briconnet, and the Early Reformers of France
    1. The First Protestant Congregation of France
    1. Commencement of Presecution in France
    1. The First Martyrs of France
    1. Calvin: His Birth and Education
    1. Calvin’s Conversion
    1. Calvin Becomes a Student of Law
    1. Calvin the Evangelist, and Berquin the Martyr
    1. Calvin at Paris, and Francis Negotiating with Germany and England
    1. The Gospel Preached in Paris - A Martyr
    1. Calvin’s Flight from Paris
    1. First Protestant Administration of the Lord’s Supper in France
    1. Catherine de Medici
    1. Marriage of Henry of France to Catherine de Medici
    1. Melanchthon’s plan for Uniting Wittenberg and Rome
    1. Plan of Francis I for Combining Lutheranism and Romanism
    1. First Disciples of the Gospel in Paris
    1. The Night of the Placards
    1. Martyrs and Exiles
    1. Other and more Dreadful Martyrdoms
    1. Basle and the “Institutes”
    1. The “Institutes”
    1. Calvin on Predestination and Election
    1. Calvin’s Appeal to Francis I

Book Fourteenth. Rise and Establishment of Protestantism at Geneva

    1. Geneva: The City and its History
    1. Genevese Martyrs of Liberty
    1. The Reform Commenced in Lausanne, and Established in morat and Neuchatel
    1. Tumults - Successes - Toleration
    1. Farel Enters Geneva
    1. Geneva on the Brink of Civil War
    1. Heroism of Geneva
    1. Rome Falls and Geneva Rules
    1. Establishment of Protestantism in Geneva
    1. Calvin Enters Geneva - Its Civil and Ecclesiastical Constitution
    1. Sumputary Laws - Calvin and Farel Banished
    1. Calvin at Strasburg - Rome draws near to Geneva
    1. Abortive Conferences at Hagenau and Ratisbon
    1. Calvin Returns to Geneva
    1. The Ecclesiastical Ordinances
    1. The New Geneva
    1. Calvin’s Battles with the Libertines
    1. Calvin’s Labours for Union
    1. Servetus comes to Geneva and is Arrested
    1. Calvin’s Victory over the Libertines
    1. Apprehension and Trial of Servetus
    1. Condemnation and Death of Servetus
    1. Calvin’s Correspondence with Martyrs, Reformers, and Monarchs
    1. Calvin’s Manifold Labours
    1. Final Victory and Glory of Geneva
    1. Geneva and its Influence in Europe
    1. The Academy of Geneva
    1. The Social and Family life of Geneva
    1. Calvin’s Last Illness and Death
    1. Calvin’s Work

Book Fifteenth. The Jesuits

    1. Ignatius Loyola
    1. Loyola’s First Disciples
    1. Organisation and Training of the Jesuits
    1. Moral Code of the Jesuits - Probabilism, etc.
    1. The Jesuit Teaching on Regicide, Murder, Lying, Theft, etc.
    1. The “Secret Instructions” of the Jesuits
    1. Jesuit Management of Rich Widows and the Heirs of Great Families
    1. Diffusion of the Jesuits throughout Christendom
    1. Commercial Enterprises and Banishments
    1. Restoration of the Inquisition
    1. The Tortures of the Inquisition

Book Sixteenth. Protestantism in the Waldensian Valleys

    1. Antiquity and First Persecutions of the Waldenses
    1. Cataneo’s Expedition (1488) against the Dauphinese and Piedmontese Confessors
    1. Failure of Cataneo’s Expedition
    1. Synod in the Waldensian Valleys
    1. Persecutions and Martyrdoms
    1. Preparations for a War of Extermination
    1. The Great Campaign of 1561
    1. Waldensian Colonies in Calabria and Apulia
    1. Extinction of Waldenses in Calabria
    1. The Year of the Plague
    1. The Great Massacre
    1. Exploits of Gianavello - Massacre and Pillage of Rora
    1. The Exile
    1. Return to the Valleys
    1. Final Reestablishment in their Valleys
    1. Condition of the Waldenses from 1690

Book Seventeenth. Protestantism in France from Death of Francis I (1547) to Edict of Nantes (1598)

    1. Henry II and Parties in France
    1. Henry II and his Persecutions
    1. First National Synod of the French Protestant Church
    1. A Gallery of Portraits
    1. The Guises, and the Insurrection of Amboise
    1. Charles IX - The Triumvirate - Colloquy at Poissy
    1. Massacre at Vassy and Commencement of the Civil Wars
    1. Commencement of the Huguenot Wars
    1. The First Huguenot War, and Death of the Duke of Guise
    1. Catherine de Medici and her Son, Charles IX - Conference at Bayonne - The St. Bartholomew Plotted
    1. Second and Third Huguenot Wars
    1. Synod of La Rochelle
    1. The Promoters of the St. Bartholomew Massacre
    1. Negotiations of the Court with the Huguenots
    1. The Marriage, and Preparations for the Massacre
    1. The Massacre of St. Bartholomew
    1. Resurrection of Huguenotism - Death of Charles IX
    1. New Persecutions - Reign and Death of Henry III
  • 19 Henry IV and the Edict of Nantes

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James Aitken Wylie

Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister.