The Converted Catholic Magazine by Leo Lehmann

“The two main changes that came about as a result of the Protestant Reformation concerned: l) the reassertion of the true faith in Christ and His saving work; 2) a new culture of freedom in the social order. A change back to the Roman Catholic teaching on these two vital matters would mean abandonment of the true evangelical way of salvation, and, as a consequence, a return to a social order somewhat similar to what Europe experienced during the Middle Ages. This is the issue at stake in the struggle today between the forces of the Roman Catholic Church and those of Protestantism. This is what is behind the great drive of Roman Catholic propagandists today to induce Protestants to become Roman Catholics and to make America Catholic.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Protestantism, not Communism, Hated by Rome

“The real object of attack by the Catholic church is not Communism, but Protestantism. For the past 400 years, since the Reformation, the Jesuits and the Catholic church have tried every means to destroy the work of the Reformation — by fire and sword, by intrigue and political maneuvers. They look upon Communism, in fact, merely as a by-product of Protestantism, because it was Protestantism that first destroyed the political power of the Pope over all the nations of Europe in the 16th century. Its present attack on Russia is an oblique kind of blitzkrieg on Protestantism…

“Protestants need scarcely be reminded of what happens when the Roman Catholic church gains dominion over any country. They would do well, however, to recall what happened in the past in England and Europe. I have only to mention the massacre of St. Bartholomew’s night of August 24, 1572, and of the torture and killings in England under Bloody Mary. You know of the attempts of the Pope’s agents to assassinate Queen Elizabeth even after the power of Rome was destroyed in England.

Book Contents

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  • Contents
  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • Clerical Fascism
    • Clerical Fascism in Mexico by J. J. Murphy
    • Clerical Fascism in the United States by J. J. Murphy
    • The Clerical-Fascist Betrayal of France By J. J. Murphy
    • Clerical Fascism in Austria by J. J. Murphy
    • Clerical Fascism In Yugoslavia By J. J. Murphy
    • Church-State Dictatorship In Ireland By L. H. Lehmann
    • Catholic Fascism In Argentina By J. J. Murphy
    • The Pope And Peron
  • Nazism and the Vatican
    • The Catholic Church Heils Hitler by James J. Murphy
    • The Catholic Center Party — Trailblazer of Hitler by J. J. Murphy
    • The Status of Catholicism in Nazi Germany by James J. Murphy
    • Hitler’s ‘Persecution’ Of Catholics
    • How the Catholic Church Helped Hitler to Power by J. J. Murphy
    • How The Vatican Helped Hitler
    • Why The Nazis Persecuted Priests
    • Father Charles Coughlin, Paid Nazi Agent
    • Whitewashing The Vatican of Nazi-Fascist Collaboration
  • Vatican Geopolitics
    • War As An Instrument of Vatican Policy
    • Japanese-Vatican Entente By J. J. Murphy
    • Pope Again Endorses ‘Corporative State’
    • Papal Murder in Croatia by J. J. Murphy
    • Persecution of the Greek Orthodox Church by J. J. Murphy
    • Protestants Restricted In Argentina
    • Quebec — Spearhead of American Fascism by J. J. Murphy
    • The History Of Father Tiso Of Slovakia By J. J. Murphy
    • Sweden — Example Of A Protestant Country By L. H. Lehmann And J. J. Murphy
    • The Catholic Church In Italy
    • The Mussolini-Vatican Pact Still Stands By L. H. Lehmann
    • Lets Show Them, America! [two Ideological Threats]
  • Testimonials
    • The Road From Rome: My Reason For Leaving The Catholic Priesthood By J. J. Murphy
    • From Monastery To Christ By Luis Forero
    • There Is A Land By Rev. Dr. Walter W. Montaño
    • Even To A Former Priest… By J. A. Giguere
    • Martin Luther: To the Romans… By L. H. Lehmann
    • Spiritual Degeneracy By Dr. T. D. Tahar
    • False Loyalty: The Conversion Of A Priest
    • Was St. Patrick A Presbyterian? By W. F. Dickens-Lewis, D.D.
    • My Story. By Rev. J. A. Fernandez
    • From Priest To Radio Gospel Minister By Manuel Garrido Aldama
  • The Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus)
    • The Secret Power Of The Jesuits By J. J. Murphy
    • The Enigma Of The Jesuits By J. J. Murphy
    • The Secret Order Of Jacques-Cartier By Senator T. D. Bouchard
  • Roman Catholic Anti-Semitism
    • The Root Of Anti-Semitism
    • Catholic Anti-Semitism By J. J. Murphy
    • Cardinal Hlond And Polish Anti-Semitism
    • Nuns Helped Hitler’s Murders
    • Vatican Deaf To Jews’ Appeal re: Poland
    • Jesuit Anti-Semitism In 1945
    • The Pope’s Apology for the Vatican’s Concordat With Hitler
  • Romanism
    • How The Papacy Came To Power By L. H. Lehmann
    • The Pope And World Peace By J. J. Murphy
    • The Nature Of Roman Catholicism By L. H. Lehmann
    • The Hierarchical Structure Of Roman Catholicism By L. H. Lehmann
    • The Catholic Church And Economics By L. H. Lehmann
    • Catholicism’s Moral Code By J. J. Murphy
    • The Catholic Church And Women By L. H. Lehmann
    • The Catholic Church And Science By J. J. Murphy
    • The Roman Catholic Church And The Bible
    • Facts Of Catholic Church Intolerance by James J. Murphy
    • The Popes And The Bible By J. J. Murphy
    • Peculiarities of Irish Catholicism by James J. Murphy
    • The Monstrance and Sun Worship
    • Fake Relics And Miracles
    • Christ - The Only One [a Refutation Of The Further Deification Of Mary]
    • “Purgatory — Suburb Of Hell”
    • Is The Catholic Confessional A Cause Of Crime? By Joseph Zacchello
    • Has The Catholic Church The Right To Kill Heretics?
    • Dishonesty Of The Crucifix
    • The Pope And The Devil
    • Answering The Answer Man On Luther
    • Must Catholics Accept the Syllabus by James J. Murphy
    • Crime And Religion
    • Demon Worship In Italy
    • “It Is Not Intolerance…”
    • A Religious War
    • “Make America Catholic”
    • The Catholic Church In The American Community By L. H. Lehmann
  • Protestantism
    • A Kingly Priesthood [Peter’s Doctrine]
    • Hierarchies and Heretics
    • Sabbath Observance
    • Freedom And The Protestant Ethic
    • Cauterizing The Conscience By L. H. Lehmann
    • Life Or Death
    • The Myth Of Catholic Apostolic Succession By Henry F. Brown
    • Can Protestantism Survive The Pope’s Bid For World Control? An Address By L. H. Lehmann
  • Book Reviews
    • Book Review: Crux Ansata— An Indictment Of The Roman Catholic Church, By H. G. Wells
    • From Roman Priest To Radio Evangelist, by Manuel Garrido Aldama
    • Why Father Sullivan Left The Church: A Review of His Recent Book, “Under Orders”. By J. J. Murphy

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