Out of the Labyrinth: The Conversion of a Roman Catholic Priest by Leo Lehmann


“In collaboration with others at Christ’s Mission who have also been converted from the Roman Catholic priesthood, I have in these past ten years tried to make up for “the years that the locust hath eaten,” when I blindly taught the errors I now fight against. I have done so in a fair, factual and objective manner, and in a spirit of love toward the Roman Catholic people who are of my own household. The spiritual emetic that we offer them is strong, so strong that it makes many sick before it makes them well. That emetic is the full and unabridged Gospel message of salvation through personal acceptance of Jesus Christ.”

“Many think us enemies of God, betrayers of Jesus Christ as Judas was. The character of the ex-priest has been so blackened by calumnies since Luther’s time, that the unsuspecting Catholic people, if they allow their minds at all to admit that priests do leave the Church, unconsciously look upon us as completely lost souls working in the devil’s behalf. Yet tens of thousands of Roman Catholic people leave the Roman Catholic Church each year and affiliate with the Protestant denominations. Several hundred former priests have been helped, both spiritually and economically, through Christ’s Mission since its founding in 1879 by Father James A. O’Connor.” — Leo Lehmann

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • 1 Into The Light
  • 2 What Salvation Really Means
  • 3 How Sins Are Really Forgiven
  • 4 Counterfeit Christianity
  • 5 Religion As A System Of Power
  • 6 False Loyalty
  • 7 New Creation In Christ
  • 8 Christ Jesus — As Sovereign Lord
  • 9 The Impossibility Of Purgatory
  • 10 Pagan Origins Of Purgatory
  • 11 Keys For The Wrong Lock
  • 12 How We Are Sanctified
    • Not A ‘Laundering’ Process
    • Sanctification As ‘Absolute Position’
    • Sanctification As A ‘Walk’
    • Our Cooperation
  • 13 Jezebel Abroad In America
  • 14 Priests And Ex-Priests
  • 15 The Tyranny Of Priestly Celibacy
  • 16 By What Authority…?
  • 17 God Is Not A Backstairs Politician
  • 18 The Bondage Of Doing
  • 19 Rome’s Salvation By Law
  • 20 The True Priesthood Of Christ
  • 21 The Conversion Of Martin Luther
  • 22 What Would Christ Say Today?
  • 23 The Fellowship Of His Sufferings
  • 24 What The Pope Refuses To Believe
  • 25 The Roman Catholic Church And Marriage
  • 26 The Problem Of Mixed Marriages
  • 27 The Real Catholic Church Of Christ
  • 28 The ‘A-to-Z’ Of Salvation
  • 29 Christ — the Only One
  • 30 Five Basic Postulates Of Protestantism
    • 1 The Primacy of Christ.
    • 2 Man’s Personal, Direct Access to God.
    • 3 A Conscious Sense of Pardoned Sin.
    • 4 Belief in the Right of Private Judgment.
    • 5 The Bible as the Word of God.
  • 31 Evangelical Movements Within The Church Of Rome
    • Three-Cornered Conflict
    • Council Of Trent
    • Rift Within Catholicism
    • Jesuits Vs. Dominicans
    • Jansenius
    • Jesuit Opposition To Grace
    • Port Royal
    • Sufferings And Persecutions
    • Catholics Today (1947)
  • 32 Since Luther
  • 33 Hoofbeat And Footfall

Propaganda and the Roman Catholic Church

“Modern methods of advertising and propaganda, to overcome spiritual sales resistance, were known and practiced by this Roman Catholic world-corporation long before American business copied and put them into use in our commercial world today. I do not think that any commercial business agent has been able to improve upon the efficiency of the propaganda methods of the Roman Catholic Church. The very word ‘propaganda’ was originally coined by the Roman Catholic Church for the special purpose of publicizing its doctrines and claims. The word has been plagiarized and made into a science today by business men and politicians…”

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0