Behind the Dictators by Leo Lehmann

“What the Catholic Church is hoping and working for… is the reestablishment… of the ‘Real State,’ a rigid hierarchical system wherein inferiors are subject to superiors. In this system each individual, like a cell in a body, must humbly submit to his fate and occupy his “natural place” which is allotted to him from birth and have no desire to get away from it.

“This basis of social structure is not only anti-Jewish, but also anti-Protestant. It corresponds exactly to the system of the Jesuit Order itself as founded by Ignatius Loyola, the essential point of which consists in an hierarchical structure of ideas, and is characteristic of all Catholic political thought.” ­— Leo Lehmann

Corporatism is Fascism

“The misconception that the corporative system is purely an economic matter, has blinded the American press and public to the real aim behind Catholicism’s advocacy of it. Corporatism is indeed the economic ingredient of Fascism. But it is also the essential element of Fascism, since the corporations make a parliament or congress unnecessary. For these corporations are the means through which the “Leader” exercises his dictatorial will. It was precisely because the Supreme Court judged that, by the NRA, Congress had abdicated its powers and was thus paving the way for Fascism, that it took vigorous action against it. The entire ideology of Fascism and Nazism — in social, economic, educational, religious and military matters — is contained in the corporative system. Corporatism is Fascism.

Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • 1 Jesuits, Jews And Freemasons
  • 2 The Jesuits And The Protocols Of Zion
  • 3 The Strange Case Of Leo Taxil
  • 4 The Reestablishment Of The Holy Roman Empire
  • 5 Hitler And The Catholic Church
  • 6 The Catholic Church And The Corporative State
  • 7 The Greatest Trojan Horse Of Them All
  • 8 Nazi Socialism And Catholic Restoration
  • 9 Hitler’s Fight Against The Churches
  • 10 National Socialism And Catholic Action
  • 11 Rexism And Catholic Action
  • 12 Pro-Germanism Of Pope Pius XII
    • His Twelve Years In Germany
    • His Tie-up With Fascism
    • “Chief Of Christendom”
    • Treaty Of London
    • Matthias Erzberger
    • Secret Vatican Treaty With Germany
    • International Catholic Committee
    • Papal Peace Offensive
    • Jesuit Propaganda Among Protestants
    • Pacellis Post-War Activities
  • Appendix 1: A Vital Condition For Lasting Peace By Leopold Mannaberg, - Ph.D.
    • Political Papacy Endangers Peace
    • Vatican Alignment With Fascism
    • World-Wide Conspiracy Against The Soviet Union
    • Liberty Goes Down In Italy
    • Democracy In Germany Goes The Same Way
    • Poland And Hungary
    • France
    • Czechoslovakia
    • Austria
    • Spain
    • Hitler’s Mistake
    • Remedial Suggestions. Appendix 2: Vatican Support Of German Militarism

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0