History Unveiling Prophecy by Henry Grattan Guinness

“This is a graphic story of the gradual unveiling of the meaning of the Apocalypse in the light of the events of history. It traces this development through eighteen centuries, from the days of the apostolic and martyr Church to those of the mediaeval Church, the Reformation Church, and the Church of modern times. It is a history of the gradual evolution during eighteen centuries, under the influence of historical facts, of that system of interpretation which has commended itself to the most temperate and enlightened minds, Historicism.” — H. Grattan Guinness.

Book Contents

  • Preface

    • God Is His Own Interpreter
    • Three Visions of the Ten Horned Wild Beast Power
  • Introduction

    • The Reception of the Apocalypse by the Early Church
    • Interpretation of the Apocalypse
  • 1 Pre-Constantine, Or Martyr Church Stage

  • 2 The Post-Constantine, Or Imperial Church Stage

  • 3 The Mediaeval Stage

    • The Rise of the Papacy to Universal Dominion
    • Parallel Development of Prophetic Interpretation
  • 4 The Dawn Of The Reformation Stage

    • The Identification of Babylon and Antichrist.
    • Recognition Of The Fulfillment Of The Prophecies Relating To The “Man Of Sin,” Or Antichrist
  • II. The Pre-Reformation War Against the Protestant Witnesses.

  • 5 The Reformation Stage

  • 6 The Puritan, Or Seventeenth Century Stage

  • 7 The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes, And English Revolution Stage

  • 8 The Eighteenth Century New Era Stage

  • 9 The French Revolution Stage

    • Career of Napoleon
    • Summary. Retributive character of the French Revolution.
    • Influence of the French Revolution on the Interpretation of Prophecy.
  • 10 The Present Stage [1905]

    • Chapter 1. The Modern Denial Of The Historic And Protestant Interpretation Of The Apocalypse
    • Chapter 2. The Defense
    • Chapter 3. Confirmation Of The Protestant Interpretation Of The Apocalypse
      • I. Apocalyptic Predictions Relating to the Present Period.
      • II. Predictions with reference to the Fall of the Papacy.
      • III. Predictions as to the Restoration of the Jewish People.
    • Chapter 4. Fulfillment Of The Events Predicted Under The Sixth Vial
    • Chapter 5. Termination Of The 1,260 Years Of Papal Dominion
    • Chapter 6. Anticipations Of The Years 1848, And 1866-7, As Those Of The Final Fall Of Papal Dominion
    • Chapter 7. Fulfillment Of The Foregoing Anticipations Of Prophetic Interpreters In The Fall Of The Papal Power In The Years 1848 And 1866-1870
    • Chapter 8. Further Confirmation Afforded, By The Visible Commencement Of The Restoration Of The Jews, At The Close Of The Prophetic Period Of 1,260 Years From The Conquest And Occupation Of Palestine By The Saracens A.D. 637.
    • Chapter 9. Primary Ending Of The 1,260 Years Of Jewish Desolation In 1860, And 1897, As Reckoned From The Conquest Of Palestine By The Saracens, A.D. 637.
    • Chapter 10. Coming Events In Jewish History
    • Chapter 11. Confirmation Of The Year Day Theory Afforded By The Astronomical Character Of The Prophetic Times
    • Chapter 12. Practical Use Of The Apocalypse
    • Conclusion
  • Appendix A. Explanation Of The Astronomical Tables In The Author’s Work, On “creation Centered In Christ,” Volume II.

  • Appendix B. Testimonial to my Tables from Dr. Downing, F.R.A.S.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Henry Grattan Guinness
Henry Grattan Guinness

Irish Protestant Christian preacher, evangelist and author. He started Harley College, also known as the East London Missionary Training School. A traveling preacher, he drew thousands to hear him during the Ulster Revival of 1859. Rev. Guinness trained and sent hundreds of “faith missionaries” all over the world.