The Last Prophecy - Horae Apocalypticae by Edward Bishop Elliott

Edward Bishop Elliott (1793-1875) “graduated from Cambridge in 1816 and he served in various positions as a minister for the Church of England. He ultimately settled at St. Marks Church in Brighton. He was of the Evangelical school… A first rate scholar, he was deeply interested in bible prophecy and devoted his lifetime to its study. His Horae Apocalypticae is the greatest historicist exposition of the Apocalypse ever written. Begun in 1837, it ran for five editions between 1844 and 1862.”

“The history of the Christian Church, nowadays more especially, must be considered an essential in education. [The Last Prophecy contains] those lessons in Church History, as well as in Prophecy, contained in the larger four volume Horae Apocalypticae.” — Edward Bishop Elliott

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Preface.
  • Recommendatory Notice By The Author Of The “Horae Apocalypticae.”
  • 1 Rev. 1, 2, 3. St. John in Patmos.
    • View of the Infant Church, A.D. 96. — The Seven Churches of Asia Minor.
  • 2 Rev. 4, 5. View of Scenery As It Appeared to St. John. 1
  • 3 Rev. 6:1, 2. The First Seal.
    • Prosperity and Triumph of the Roman Empire in the Era Next Following After the Visions in Patmos, Nerve to Commodus. A.D. 96-185.
  • 4 Rev. 6:3-8. Second, Third, and Fourth Seals.
    • Oppression Of The Empire, Military And Civil, And By God’s Four Sore Judgments. Commodus to Diocletian, A.D. 180 — 284.
  • 5 Rev. 6:9-11. The Fifth Seal.
    • Last Pagan Persecution Of The Church, Diocletian. A.D. 303-311.
  • 6 Rev. 6:12-17. The Sixth Seal.
    • Dissolution Of The Pagan Firmament — Constantine Establishes Christianity.
  • 7 Rev. 7:1-8. The Sealing Vision.
    • An Election. The Faithful Distinguished Amidst Increasing Apostasy, A.D. 300-400.
  • 8 Rev. 7:9-17. The Palm-Bearing Vision.
    • The Final Salvation Of The Elect. The Doctrines Of Augustine. Fourth Century.
  • 9 Rev. 8:1-5. The Seventh Seal. The Incense Vision.
    • Saint-Worship Begun, A.D. 324-395.
  • 10 Rev. 8:6-12. The First Four Trumpets.
    • Irruption Of The Goths, Etc., A.D. 395-565.
  • 11 Rev. 8:13. Forewarnings Of Coming Woe.
    • A.D. 565-612.
  • 12 Rev. 9:1-11. The Fifth Trumpet.
    • Mohammed And The Saracens, A.D. 612-755.
  • 13 Rev. 9:12-19. The Sixth Trumpet.
    • The Turco-Muslims, A.D. 10631
  • 14 Rev. 9:20-21. The Unrepentant State of Western Christendom.
    • A.D. 1057-1500.
  • 15 Rev. 10:1-3. Intervention Of The Covenant Angel.
    • The Epoch Of Antichrist’s Triumph, A.D. 1513.
  • 16 Rev. 10:1-4. Intervention Of The Covenant Angel.
    • The Epoch Of The Reformation. Discovery Of Christ The Saviour. Discovery Of Antichrist The Usurper, A.D. 1513 — 1521.
  • 17 Rev. 10:5-7. The Angel’s Oath.
    • Chronological Notice Of The Reformation.
  • 18 Rev. 10:8-11 And 11:1-2. The Covenant Angel’s Commission.
    • Reformation Of The Ministry And Of The Church.
  • 19 Rev. 11:2-6. Retrospective View Of The Two Witnesses.
    • Early History Of The Eastern And Western Lines. A.D. 600-10001
  • 20 Rev. 11:3-6. Retrospective View Of The Two Witnesses.
    • Middle Age History Of The Joint Lines, A.D. 1000-1200.
  • 21 Rev. 11:7-12. Retrospective View Of The Two Witnesses.
    • Papal War Against Them. Their Death And Resurrection. A.D. 1163-1530.
  • 22 Rev. 11:12-14. Ascent Of The Witnesses. Great Earthquake.
    • Political Establishment Of The Reformation. Separation From The Papacy. A.D. 1552-1790.
  • 23 The British Church Amongst The Witnesses.
  • 24 Rev. 12:1-17. The Great Red Dragon.
    • Supplemental History Of The Adversaries Of The Church. Satanic Agency of Pagan Rome.
  • 25 Rev. 13 And 17. The Beast From The Sea, Etc. The Lamb-like Beast. The Image Of The Beast.
    • Supplemental History Of The Adversaries Of The Church Continued. The Papacy. The Papal Hierarchy The Papal Councils.
  • 26 Rev. 14:1-20. The Song Of The 144,000.
    • Supplemental History Of The True, As Distinguished From The Nominal, Reformed Church.
  • 27 Rev. 15 And 16:1-12. The Seventh Trumpet. The Vials.
    • Era Of The French Revolution, A.D. 1789-1830.
  • 28 Rev. 11:15, 19 And 16:6, 7. The Temple Opened. The Angel With The Everlasting Gospel.
    • Religious Revival. The Era Of Evangelic Missions, A.D. 1789-1852.
  • 29 Rev. 16:13, 14. The Three Frogs.
    • The Spirits Of Infidel Lawlessness, Of Popery, And Of Priestly Tractarianism, A.D. 1830-1852.
  • 30 Rev. 17-22. Concluding Visions.
    • The Future — our Duty.
  • Appendix
    • I. Postscript to Preface of Fifth Edition of the “Horae Apocalypticae;” on the Pope’s own published Testimony to the Fact of the completed Expiration in 1867 of the 1260 Predicted Years of Papal Spiritual Dominancy in the Kingdoms of Western Christendom.
    • II. The following paper by Mr. Bateman, affording a very striking posthumous corroboration of the truth of Mr. Elliott’s system, appeared (in the Rock, January 7, 1876) within six months of Mr. E.’s death: —

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  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Edward Bishop Elliott
Edward Bishop Elliott

The year Elliott died (1875), Charles Spurgeon wrote that Horae Apocalypticae had become the “standard” work on the Book of Revelation. Sadly few in our Laodicean church age have ever heard of it and until recently it was very difficult to obtain.