The Great Exodus Or The Time Of The End by James Aitken Wylie

“To foretell the future is the prerogative of God alone. Not less is it God’s exclusive prerogative to interpret the future. In truth, Prophecy can never be clearly and satisfactorily understood till the finger of Providence has unveiled what the voice of Prophecy had announced. Man’s humble part is to sit down, and, by an attentive and patient comparison of the two, to seek to understand what the spirit of Prophecy did signify, when He spake in old time of the things that were to come to pass hereafter.

“Such a task, it is true, is but little fitted to gratify man’s pride: it is the only task, nevertheless, for which he is competent. If, from interpreting Prophecy, he shall fall to prophesying, it is not difficult to foretell the result: he will wander from light into darkness.

“Do we seek to know principles rather than events? Are we desirous of learning lessons, rather than of fixing dates? If so, then we shall find Prophecy a field in which lie hid treasures of inestimable price, whose value will amply repay all the pains we may bestow upon the search for them. — J.A. Wylie, from chapter 1.

About The Author

James Aitken Wylie LL.D. (1808-1890) was a Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister. His most famous work is the four volume History of Protestantism. Other important books include _The Great Exodus, or “The Time of the End”, Rome and civil liberty: or, The papal aggression in its relation to the sovereignty of the Queen and the independence of the nation, The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects, The Jesuits: Their Moral Maxims and Plots Against Kings, Nations, and Churches, The Papacy is the Antichrist - A Demonstration.

Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • Part I. The Bondage.
    • 1 The Study Of Prophecy: Its Use And Abuse.
    • 2 Study Of Prophecy: Reformation And German Schools.
    • 3 The Typology Of Providence
    • 4 Divine Method Of Revelation And Government.
    • 5 Figuration Of The World’s Day And The Church’s Night.
    • 6 The Four Monarchies: Or, The Church’s Oppressor.
    • 7 The Four Beasts.
    • 8 The Dragon: Or, The Church’s Real Oppressor.
    • 9 The Commencement Of The Bondage: Or, The “Seven Times.”
    • 10 Length Of The “Seven Times.”
    • 11 Harmony Of Prophetic Cycles.
    • 12 Vision Of Cleansing, Or Second Chronological Line.
    • 13 The Three Times And A Half, Or Third Chronological Line.
    • 14 Length Of The Judgment Day.
  • Part II. The Exodus.
    • 1 The Crisis Of The Church And The World.
    • 2 The Son Of Man: Or, The Antithesis.
    • 3 The Apocalypse, Or Unveiling.
    • 4 The Type And The Antitype: Or, The First And Second Egypts.
    • 5 The Coming Of The Ancient Of Days.
    • 6 The Opening Of The Temple To The Nations.
    • 7 The First Vial.
    • 8 The Second Vial: Or, The Sea Of Blood.
    • 9 The Third Vial: Or, The Rivers And Fountains Of Blood.
    • 10 The Fourth Vial: Or, The Sun Of Fire.
    • 11 The Fifth Vial: Or, The Darkness.
    • 12 The Sixth Vial: Or, The Preparation.
    • 13 “It Is Done.”
    • 14 The New Heavens And The New Earth.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
James Aitken Wylie

Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister.