Jesuit Plots Against Britain From Queen Elizabeth To King George V. by Albert Close


“The Jesuit Order was the Satanic answer to the Reformation, endeavoring to restore the lost fortunes of the Papacy. What would it not give to again rule in England? Mr. Close reveals some of the criminal efforts of these ‘Shock troops of Rome’.”

“So that his information would be authentic the author spent a good deal of his time at the Public Records Office in London searching for the documentation proving the facts revealed in this book, and he gives the story of the discovery of how ‘authentic copies of damaging documents were recovered from the Vatican secret archives’ after having been hidden there for long years. This enabled him to show how the Jesuits' hand has been behind so many plots when they have tried to strike England in the back.”

“We remind ourselves of what Joseph McCabe wrote of the Jesuits in his ‘Candid History of the Jesuits’.”

“I quote: ‘It is the historic custom of the Church of Rome to enlist in its service monastic or quasi-monastic bodies in addition to the ordinary clergy. In its hour of greatest need, at the very outbreak of the Reformation, the Society of Jesus was formed as one of these auxiliary regiments. and in the war which the Church of Rome has waged since that date the Jesuits have rendered the most spirited and conspicuous service. Not a work of history can be opened, in any language. but it will contain more references to the Jesuits than to all other religious orders collectively.'”

“But what is a Jesuit? The Society remains the Esau of the Roman clerical world. It still chiefly seeks the wealthy and powerful; it is the arch-enemy of progress and liberalism in Catholic theology; its scholarship is singularly undistinguished in proportion to its resources; it embarks on political intrigue, even to the destruction of State-forms. whenever its interest seems to require it; it is hated by a very large proportion of the Roman Catholic clergy and laity in every country.”

“McCabe goes on to say that ‘Catholic monarchs and peoples have time after time driven them ignominiously over their frontiers and Popes have sternly condemned them and the verdict on them expresses deep and criminal guilt. They are as active and nearly as numerous in the twentieth century as in the last days of the old political world.'” ­— From the Preface by A. L. Kensit

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • Chapter 1.
    • Cardinal Gasquet Falsifies Evidence
    • Editing State Papers in Favor of Rome
    • Roman Catholic Editor of State Papers
    • Roman Catholic attempt to alter School Histories
    • Misleading Press Reviews of Books
    • Roman Priests cite Bogus References at Cambridge
    • Vatican Plot Transcripts at Public Record Office
    • Protestant Truth Society challenges Cardinal Bourne
    • How Vatican Documents were recovered by England
    • Gregory XIII sanctions Assassination of Elizabeth
    • Protestant Truth Society challenges Cardinal Bourne
    • Question Time on Tower Hill: Types of Questions
    • King Edward VII and the Act of Settlement
    • The Jesuit Tachi-Venturi Adviser to Mussolini
    • Order to the Royal Navy to Salute the Pope in 1929
    • The Roman Catholic “Universe” receives the first News
    • Government Depts. Press Officers issue Cooked News
    • Protestant Protest to Parliament. March 15, 1934
    • Furious Denial by Vatican and Irish Bishops
    • Irish Attempt in 1930 to have Coronation Oath altered
    • 5000 Roman Catholics renounce Rome in Montreal
    • An Anglican Rector arrested in Montreal
    • No other Protestant Navy Salutes the Pope
    • Allies refuse Pope a Seat at Peace Conference
    • Vital Question omitted from “The Times” Report
  • Chapter 2.
    • Naval Salutes to Pope challenged in Parliament
    • All Protests to the Government suppressed in the Press
    • Foreign Office appoints R.C. Ministers to Norway and Sweden; both Protestant Countries
    • Control of the Foreign Office by Church of Rome
    • BBC suppresses a Talk from Berlin, July 2nd, 1934
    • De Valera discloses Treachery of Pope in 1916
    • Pope Benedict XV blesses Easter Rebellion in 1916
    • Photographs of Front of De Valeras “Irish Press”
    • Church of Rome controls the Cable Services and Press
    • United States Secret Service War Disclosures in 1917
    • Roman Catholic Priests as Spies during the Great War
    • Michael Collins, the Gunman, a Roman Catholic Priest
    • Casement Cables from Berlin to send Irish Priests
    • Irish College, Rome Depot for Seditious Literature
    • U. Boat Instructions for Landing Arms in Ireland
    • Irish R.C. Traitor Priests Voyage from India 1918
    • Irish Priest Spy sent to Prison in Liverpool in 1917
    • Spanish Jesuit Priests betray British Ships by Wireless to German U. Boats working off Spanish Coast in 1917
    • Australian R.C. Bishops plot against Britain
    • Falsified Calendar of Great War: Begins 4 days late
  • Chapter 3.
    • Irish Jesuit HQ. control Australian Jesuits during Gt. War
    • Archbishop Mannix a Traitor in Australia during Gt. War
    • Australian Troops withdrawn from the Front line, Oct. 6th, 1918 five weeks before Armistice
    • Australian Prime Minister declares Mannix a Traitor
    • Archbp. Mannix attempts to stir up bad blood in America
    • Five Australian Archbishops Sail on Evil Mission
    • Roman Catholic War Time Plots in Canada, 1914-1918
    • Roman Priests work for the Defeat of Britain during Great War in every country
    • Catholic Evidence Speaker Declines a Challenge
    • Father MeNabb writes to the Protestant Truth Society
  • Chapter 4.
    • Jesuit Campion-Parsons Documents at Record Office An Irish-American Priest examines the Documents
    • Father Pollen, S.J. admits Campion Documents authentic
    • Fr. McNabb v. Protestant Truth Society on Tower Hill
    • Cardinal Allen-Throgmorton-Gregory XIII Plot, 1583
    • Anthony Tyrrell’s Babington Plot Confession, 1586
    • Jesuits Yorke. Holt and Walpoles Confession at PRO.
    • Fr. McNabb, two Representatives of the Roman Catholic Evidence Guild and two Protestant Truth Society Representatives Certify Vatican Documents at the P.R.O. inspected on August 1st.
    • Cardinal Allen advises Pope that 300 Priests hidden in Gentlemens Houses will let in Spanish Invaders
    • Text of the original Challenge to Cardinal Bourne. 1932
    • Roman Priests executed as Traitors, not as “Martyrs”
    • Roman Catholics on Tower Hill watch developments
    • Debate, March 20th, 1935. Hall packed out
  • Chapter 5.
    • Blasphemous Bull of Pope Pius V. May 3rd. 1570
    • Great North Rising, led by Duke of Northumberland
    • The Ridolfi Plot financed by Pope Pius V, 1569
    • Father Sanders Plot 1579. Spaniards land at Smerwick
    • Plot of Gregory XIII to invade England, Feb 18th, 1580.
    • Campion and Parsons leave Rome or England
    • Arrest of Camgion and 17 Priests. November 6th, 1580
    • Walsingham’s spies at Rheims, Douay and Rome
    • Plot of Campion and Parsons to kill Queen Elizabeth
    • Gregory XIII Sanctions murder of Elizabeth
    • Father Pollen, S.J., admits Parsons and Campion indicated
    • Rheims Student sent on Murder Mission to Madrid
    • Vatican and Venetian State Papers prove Campion’s Guilt
    • The Second Plot of the Jesuit Parsons, May 8th, 1582
    • Throgmorton Plot to kill Elizabeth, May 2nd, 1583
    • The Pope offers 20,000 Crowns to Murderer of Elizabeth
    • 11,000 Italians, Germans and Spaniards to invade England
    • Invasion to be carried out in the Popes name
    • Spanish Armies to land at Barrow-in-Furness, Aug, 1583
    • Stxtus V Sanctions Parry’s Plot to kill Elizabeth
    • Jesuit Certificate that Parry had been to Confession
    • Reward in Heaven promised to Parry by the Pope
    • Babington Plot. August 1586: Spanish Account
    • Philip, Earl of Arundel, a Conspirator in Tower of London
    • Father Ballard acts as a Spy in England for two years
    • Father Morris, S.J., prints a Forged Recantation
    • Father T. E. Bridgett’s Falsehoods re: Brit. Mus. MSS.
    • Rev. Dr. E. W. Bullingers Exposure of Bridgett
    • Mary Queen of Scots approves of murder of Elizabeth
    • Plot to shoot down English Cabinet and seize Tower
    • Dispatch of Spanish Ambassador on Discovery of Plot
    • Confessions of Nau and Curll, Mary’s Secretaries
    • A Cardinal Acts as a Spy for Walsingham at the Vatican
  • Chapter 6.
    • Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
    • Pope sends the Spanish Armada against England, 1588
    • The Dispatch from Rome to Philip, February, 24th, 1586
    • Attempt of Cardinal Bourne to Falsify English Histories
    • The Track of the Armada. Site of Battles and Defeats
    • The Spanish Commander-in-Chief’s Report on Weather Reports to Queen Elizabeth from sea by Drake, Howard and Fenner concerning Battles and Weather
    • Spanish Story of the Armada: Confirms English Reports
    • The Nation calls on God for Help: Prayers answered
    • Earl of Arundel prays for success of the Armada: Mass Celebrated by a Priest in Tower of London
    • False History taught at Greenwich Naval Coll. re Armada
    • Confession of Traitor Henry Walpole, S.J. in Tower
    • Tower of London Authorities stop False History Lectures
    • Plot of Jesuits Yorke and Holt to kill Elizabeth
    • Jesuit York offered 40,000 crowns if successful
    • Jesuit Spies in the English Cabinet in 1597
    • Gunpowder Plot; 1605. Official Records confirmed
    • Fr. Henry Garnet, S.J., Confesses Guilt: Bitterly repents
    • Cardinal Bellarmine Styles Garnet the Jesuit a “Martyr”
    • Fr. John Gerard, S.J., administers Sacrament to Plotters
  • Chapter 7.
    • The Cause of the Great Civil War
    • The Stuart Kings in the Secret Pay of France
    • British Sailors refuse to Fight against Huguenots
    • Archbishop Laud restores Idolatry in Church of England
    • Archbishop Laud Shockingly Mutilates Opponents
    • Archbishop Laud Tried and Executed for his Cruelty
    • Laud dies without Confessing his Crimes. No repentance
    • An Irish Army to Crush English Protestants
    • Jesuit Instructions to Destroy Church of England
    • Charles II promised 200,000 by French King to betray England, English sailors defy Charles
    • Charles II a Secret Roman Catholic all his life
    • Adrian IV concedes Ireland to England in 1154
    • Great Irish Rebellion in 1641 incited by Roman Priests
    • The Plot to Abolish the Lord Chancellorship and set up a Ministry of Justice. Lord Hewart Exposes Plot, 1935
    • Roman Catholic Book Reviewers at the B.B.C. and on
    • the Press: History grossly distorted
    • Attempted Falsification of British History by Rome
    • Does the Vatican Control the British Press?
    • Disgraceful Irish Riot in Hyde Park, Press Silent
    • Crash at Mass. 1930. Roman Candles Fall
    • Blasphemous High Mass.: Papal Flag run up
  • Chapter 8.
    • Canonization of More and Fisher: History Suppressed
    • Telegram to Pius XI: Vatican Replies “Send Documents”
    • Vatican Cables Suppressed by British Press
    • Spanish State Papers Photos sent to Rome
    • Sir Thomas More a Cruel Persecutor of “Heretics”
    • The Pope Canonizes Fisher and More without waiting for Miracles or Signals from the Skies, as essential
    • Protest in Rochester Cathedral at Fisher Service
    • Danger to Britain from the League of Nations
    • Plots against King George V by Priests of Rome
    • Papal Plots Hidden from the Nation and Empire
    • Pope Benedict XV Blesses the Irish Rebellion in
    • “The Irish Press” Discloses the Facts re Benedict XV
    • Irish Roman Bishops Enemies of Britain during Great War


“In her was found the blood of Prophets, and of Saints and of all that were slain upon the earth” (Rev. 18:24).

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Albert Close

Close was affiliated with the Protestant Truth Society of Great Britain, and wrote a number of books on Historicism.