Epitome Of Faith, Or Epitome Credendorum: A Concise And Popular View Of The Doctrines Of The Lutheran Church by Nicholas Hunnius


Nicholas Hunnius (1585-1643), a man of great learning, studied at Wittenberg and began to teach philosophy and theology in 1609. Elector John George I. of Saxony appointed him, in 1612, superintendent of Eilenburg, where he won the respect of his superiors and the affection of his congregation. He succeeded Leonhard Hutter, at Wittenberg, as professor of theology. In 1623 he was appointed pastor of St. Mary’s Church at Lübeck; the following year he became superintendent. (Wikipedia)

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • 1 Of the Nature and Attributes of God
  • 2 Of the Unity of God
  • 3 The Persons of the Godhead
  • 4 Of the Divinity of Christ
  • 5 Of the Holy Ghost
  • 6 Of the Creation of the World
  • 7 Of Angels
  • 8 Man the image of God
  • 9 Of the Sin of our First Parents
  • 10 Of Original Sin
  • 11 Of the Free Will
  • 12 Of Actual Sin
  • 13 Of the Sin against the Holy Ghost
  • 14 Of God’s judgment over the Sinner
  • 15 Of the Divine Law
  • 16 Of God’s Merciful Purposes
  • 17 Of the Election of Grace
  • 18 Of Christ
  • 19 Of the Messiah
  • 20 Of the Communication of Christ’s Two Natures
  • 21 Of the Union of Christ’s Two Natures
  • 22 Of Christ’s State of Humiliation and Exultation
  • 23 Of His State of Humiliation
  • 24 Of Christ’s Conception
  • 25 Of Christ’s Birth
  • 26 Of Christ’s Youth
  • 27 Of Christ’s Office as a Preacher
  • 28 Of Christ’s Sufferings
  • 29 Of Christ’s Exaltation
  • 30 Of Christ’s Descension into Hell
  • 31 Of Christ’s Resurrection
  • 32 Of Christ’s Ascension
  • 33 Christ Sitting on the Right Hand of God
  • 34 Of God’s Reconciliation with Men
  • 35 Of Christ’s High Priestly Office
  • 36 Of the Calling to the Enjoyment of Christ’s Benefits
  • 37 Of Repentance
  • 38 Of Justificatin
  • 39 Of Faith
  • 40 Of Good Works
  • 41 Of Conversion
  • 42 Of Man’s Renewing

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Nicholas Hunnius
Nicholas Hunnius

A man of great learning. Studied at Wittenberg and began to teach philosophy and theology in 1609.