The Translators Revived by Alexander McClure

What were the personal qualifications of the King James' Translators of the Bible? Alexander McClure researched for more than 20 years to gather information on all 47 of the men under the King’s Commission. McClure writes of the results of his quest, “the Translators commissioned by James Stuart were ripe and critical scholars, profoundly versed in all the learning required; and that, in these particulars, there has never yet been a time when a better qualified company could have been collected for the purpose.”

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Book Contents

  • Preface
  • Introductory Narrative
    • Venerable Bede
    • John Wiclif
    • Knyghton
    • John de Trevisa
    • William Tyndale
    • John Rogers
    • Miles Coverdale
    • Cranmer’s Bibles
    • Edward VI.
    • Marian Persecutions
    • Geneva Bible
    • William Whittingham
    • Anthony Gilby
    • Thomas Sampson, D.D.
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Parker’s or the Bishop’s Bible
    • Hampton Court Conference
    • King James’s Version Printed
    • Made in Good Time
    • Competency of the Translators
    • Their Mode of Procedure and Rules
  • The Translators Revived
    • The First Company
    • Lancelot Andrews, D.D.
    • John Overall, D.D.
    • Hadrian Saravia, D.D.
    • Richard Clarke, D.D.
    • John Laifield, D.D.
    • Robert Tighe, D.D.
    • Francis Burleigh, D.D.
    • Geoffry King.
    • Richard Thompson.
    • William Bedwell.
  • The Second Company
    • Edward Lively.
    • John Richardson, D.D.
    • Lawrence Chaderton, D.D.
    • Francis Dillingham.
    • Roger Andrews, D.D.
    • Thomas Harrison.
    • Robert Spaulding, D.D.
    • Andrew Bing, D.D.
  • The Third Company
    • John Harding, D.D.
    • John Reynolds, D.D.
    • Thomas Holland, D.D.
    • Richard Kilby, D.D.
    • Miles Smith, D.D.
    • Richard Brett, D.D.
    • Daniel Fairclough, D.D.
  • The Fourth Company
    • Thomas Ravis, D.D.
    • George Abbot, D.D.
    • Richard Redes, D.D.
    • Giles Tomson, D.D.
    • Sir Henry Savile, Knt.
    • John Peryn, D.D.
    • Ralph Ravens, D.D.
    • John Harmar, D.D.
  • The Fifth Company
    • William Barlow, D.D.
    • John Spencer, D.D.
    • Roger Fenton, D.D.
    • Ralph Hutchinson, D.D.
    • William Dakins.
    • Michael Rabbet.
    • Mr. Sanderson.
  • The Sixth Company
    • John Duport, D.D.
    • William Brainthwaite, D.D.
    • Jeremiah Radcliffe, D.D.
    • Samuel Ward, D.D.
    • Andrew Downes, D.D.
    • John Bois.
    • John Ward, D.D.
  • Other Assistants To The Work
    • John Aglionby, D.D.
    • Leonard Hutten, D.D.
  • Supervisors of the Work
    • Thomas Bilson, D.D.
    • Richard Bancroft, D.D.
  • Conclusion
    • Revised Editions
    • Importance of Circulating the Scriptures
    • Practice of the Early Christians
    • No Better Translators Now To Be Found
    • Opinions of Critics
    • Multiplication of the Common Version
    • Its Influence on Religious Literature
    • An Obstacle to Sectarianism
    • Has Survived Great Changes
    • Translators Blessed of God

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  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0