Lars Lee The Boy From Norway by N N Ronning

Lars Lee tells of a boy’s spiritual awakening in rural Norway and his emigration to Minnesota. The author, N. N. Ronning explains:

“It was easy to write the story, but not easy to put the real Lars and Olaf, Helga and Olga into the story. We do not understand ourselves; how can we understand others? Still the baffling mysteries of life are all the time challenging our interpretation. The most difficult thing I was to describe how some of these persons found the Way of Life—and that after all was the main reason for writing the story.”

This Lutheran Library edition also includes the sequel to Lars' tale, A Servant of the Lord.

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Book Contents

Lars Lee: The Boy From Norway

  • How the Story Came to be Written
  • 1 The Avalanche
  • 2 “Now We Must Be Brave!”
  • 3 “When Spring Comes.”
  • 4 A Shock To A Sensitive Soul.
  • 5 A Summer In The Mountain Pastures
  • 6 The Tragic Story Of Halvor And Ielga.
  • 7 The Girl From America.
  • 8 The Land Of Legends.
  • 9 The Land Of Lincoln.
  • 10 The Queer Stranger.
  • 11 The Day Of Reckoning.
  • 12 A Strange Meeting.
  • 13 Confirmation.
  • 14 Plans For The Future.
  • 15 The Minister Causes A Sensation.
  • 16 The Dance.
  • 17 Died With A Curse On His Lips.
  • 18 Lars Goes To America.
  • 19 A Trace Of The Lost Uncle.
  • 20 People Who Had Passed Through A Great Experience.
  • 21 A Service Like The One At Home.
  • 22 She Had Forgotten How To Laugh.
  • 23 Shaken By Doubts.
  • 24 Two Letters From Helga Storlee.
  • 25 “Whosoever Cometh.”
  • 26 A Mother’s Gethsemane.
  • 27 The Boy Who Gave Away His Lunch.
  • 28 An Agnostic And His Daughter.
  • 29 In Time For Benediction.

A Servant of the Lord

  • Dedication to “A Servant of the Lord”
  • 1 A Man Who Gave Away His All.
  • 2 A Dream With A Message.
  • 3 A Waif Of The Woods.
  • 4 The Waif In The Forest Fire.
  • 5 An Exciting Christmas Celebration.
  • 6 The Most Beautiful Of All Stories.
  • 7 “Mama, I Am Well.”
  • 8 An Agnostic Tells His Story.
  • 9 A Night At His Mother’s Grave.
  • 10 Saloon Strikes Cruel Blow
  • 11 An Agnostic Asks Questions.
  • 12 An Enchanted Island.
  • 13 Burning The Books.
  • 14 The Stranger Who Was Not A Stranger.
  • 15 Church Members Speak At Forenoon Service.
  • 16 A Sad Man And A Bright Boy.
  • 17 A Happy Reunion

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Lars Lee The Boy From Norway by N N Rønning

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0