New Gospel Sermons by Richard C. H. Lenski

“Christ our Savior and all his apostles preached justification by faith, even as did the prophets of the Old Testament. Justification is the central doctrine of all the Scriptures, the heart and soul of the entire Christian religion. All believers are justified, all the saints in heaven now have been made what they are by justification, and at the last day the righteous at Christ’s right hand will be there because they have continued in justification to the end.” — R.C.H. Lenski

Richard C. H. Lenski (1864-1936) is best known for his insightful and still invaluable series of New Testament Commentaries. He served as Professor of Theology at Capital University and President of the Western District of Joint Synod of Ohio and Editor Die Lutherische Kirchenzeitung.

Dr. Lenski’s sermons are found in these books:

Passages Covered

Old Testament Texts

New Testament Texts

Book Contents

  • From the Original Introduction
  • The Christmas Cycle
    • 1 Peter’s Sermon on God’s Great Servant and the Blessing He Brings. The First Sunday In Advent. Acts 3:22-26.
    • 2 Does Christ Prophesy No Millennium? The Second Sunday In Advent. Matt. 24:1-14.
    • 3 The True Greatness Of Our Advent King, As John The Baptist Saw It. The Third Sunday In Advent. Luke 3:15-18.
    • 4 Christ is the Golden Key of Mary’s Magnificat. The Fourth Sunday In Advent. Luke 1:46-55.
    • 5 See What Came to Pass when God Gave his Only Begotten Son! Christmas. John 3:16-21.
    • 6 Soul, Soul, Whose Voice Are You Listening To? The Sunday After Christmas. Luke 12:16-21.
    • 7 There Is A New Year’s Message For Us In What Was Done With The Barren Fig Tree. New Year’s Day. Luke 13:6-9.
    • 8 Keep In View The Day When You Shall Appear Before Christ And The Angels Of God. The Sunday After New Year. Luke 12:4-9.
  • The Epiphany Cycle
    • 9 St. John the Baptist Proclaims the Wonders of Christ’s Epiphany at the River Jordan. Epiphany. John 1:29-34.
    • 10 The Gospel Is Our Epiphany Today. The First Sunday After Epiphany. Matt. 4:12-17 And 23-25.
    • 11 The Voice of Human Authority in Religion: “Have any of the Rulers or of the Pharisees Believed on Him?” The Second Sunday After Epiphany. John 7:40-53.
    • 12 A Revelation of Christ’s Compassion. The Third Sunday After Epiphany. Matt. 9:35-38.
    • 13 The Revelation of Jesus’ Power When He Walked Upon the Sea. The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany. John 6:16-21.
    • 14 The Feast of the Soul. The Fifth Sunday After Epiphany. John 6:30-35.
    • 15 Let The Greatness Of Jesus Show You Why Faith And Unbelief Are So Decisive. The Sixth Sunday After Epiphany. John 3:31-36.
  • The Lenten Cycle
    • 16 The Secret of Jesus’ Beatitudes. Septuagesima. Matt. 5:1-12.
    • 17 Whereunto shall we Liken our Generation? Sexagesima. Matt. 11:16-24.
    • 18 The Story Of The Wicked Husbandmen: The Way Which Led Jesus To The Cross. Quinquagesima, Or Estomihi. Matt. 21:33-44.
    • 19 The Sign that Decides. Invocavit. John 2:18-22.
    • 20 The Significant Deliverance of Jonah from the Belly of the Great Fish Reminiscere. Matt. 12:38-42.
    • 21 Christ’s Gracious Purpose to Seek and to Save. Oculi. Luke 19:1-10.
    • 22 Christ’s Vision of the Cross. Laetare. John 12:27-33.
    • 23 Caiaphas, and the Doctrine of Substitution. Judica. John 11:47-53.
    • 24 Hosannas and Palms for the Savior King! Palm Sunday. John 12:12-19.
    • 25 How the Savior died upon the Cross. Good Friday. John 19:28-37.
  • The Easter Cycle
    • 26 The Great Easter Gospel Of Our Lord’s Resurrection From The Dead. Easter. Luke 24:1-12.
    • 27 The Christian Church and Christ’s Resurrection. Quasimodogeniti. Luke 24:36-47.
    • 28 The Savior’s Word To St. Peter On The Christian Church, On Its Foundation, Its Function, And Its Foes. Misericordias Domini. Matt. 16:15-20.
    • 29 Christ’s Mighty “Either — Or.” Jubilate. Mark 8:34-38.
    • 30 The Real Unity of the Church. Cantate. John 17:17-24.
  • The Pentecost Cycle
    • 31 The Sacred Seven in the Lord’s Prayer. Rogate. Matt. 6:9-13.
    • 32 Our Joy in Christ’s Ascension to Heaven. Ascension. Acts 1:6-11.
    • 33 The Wonderful Doctrine of Divine Inspiration. Exaudi. Matt. 10:19-22.
    • 34 The Spiritual Beauty Of The Church That Was Born At Pentecost. Pentecost. Acts 2:41-47.
    • 35 What is at Stake in the Revelation and Doctrine of the Holy Trinity? Trinity Sunday. Acts 2:37-40.
  • The Trinity Cycle
    • 36 The Eternal Issues in Christ’s Final Word to the World. The First Sunday After Trinity. John 12:44-50.
    • 37 The Shining Example of the Men of Berea. The Second Sunday After Trinity. Acts 17:10-14.
    • 38 The Story of the Two Prisoners in Caesarea. The Third Sunday After Trinity. Acts 24:24-27.
    • 39 Your Case and My Case in the Court of Heaven. The Fourth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 13:38-43.
    • 40 Stephen a Tonic for our own Faith. The Fifth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 6:8-15.
    • 41 The Natural History of Hypocrisy. The Sixth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 5:1-11.
    • 42 In the Little School of Aquila and Priscilla The Seventh Sunday After Trinity. Acts 18:24-28.
    • 43 Why was the Humble Dressmaker Dorcas Raised from the Dead? The Eighth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 9:36-43.
    • 44 The Way to Real Spiritual Certainty.The Ninth Sunday After Trinity. John 7:10-18.
    • 45 The Greatest Guilt in the World.The Tenth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 13:44-49.
    • 46 The Little Child in Jesus’ Arms. The Eleventh Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 18:1-5.
    • 47 Our Father Seeth in Secret. The Twelfth Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 6:1-8.
    • 48 Three against Two, and Two against Three. The Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity. Luke 12:49-57.
    • 49 It is Impossible for a Christian to Go Through the World Unscathed. The Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity. John 15:17-27.
    • 50 The Key to the Commandment: “Love your Enemies.” The Fifteenth Sunday After Trinity. Matthew 5:43-48.
    • 51 Look at the Question of Merit in the Light of the Parable of the Unprofitable Servant. The Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity. Luke 17:7-10.
    • 52 Jesus Brings Us The Most Precious Liberty Of All. The Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity. Luke 13:10-17.
    • 53 What the Parable of the Talents Teaches us Concerning Good Works. The Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 25:14-30.
    • 54 Learn to Submit to the Will of the Lord. The Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity. Acts 21:8-14.
    • 55 “One is Your Master, even Christ.” The Twentieth Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 23:1-12.
    • 56 The Great Question of Discipline in the Church. The Twenty-first Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 18:15-20.
    • 57 Our Vital Relation to our Sister Congregations. The Twenty-second Sunday After Trinity. Acts 15:6-12.
    • 58 The church member and his Money. The Twenty-third Sunday After Trinity. Luke 16:10-17.
    • 59 The Crowning Promise: “I will Raise him up at the Last Day.” The Twenty-fourth Sunday After Trinity. John 6:37-40.
    • 60 When? The Twenty-fifth Sunday After Trinity. Mark 13:32-37.
    • 61 The Door that Will be Shut. The Twenty-sixth Sunday After Trinity. Luke 13:23-30.
    • 62 We shall be Like the Angels of God. The Twenty-seventh Sunday After Trinity. Matt. 22:23-33.

“Thank God, the Bible is in men’s hands today! Whoever will can have it in our whole land, and can read and study it as much as he desires. But what do we find in this free land of ours? The most deplorable ignorance of the Bible. And alongside of it the most dangerous misuse of the Bible… Here is God’s own Word, the great treasure house of heaven, and here is the key to unlock all its treasures for us… O the sadness of this lack of use, and of this misuse of the Holy Scriptures!”

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0