Luther's Galatians Commentary in American English Translated by Theodore Graebner

“The preparation of this edition of Luther’s Commentary on Galatians was first suggested to me by Mr. P. J. Zondervan, of the firm of publishers, in March, 1937… ‘Luther is still the greatest name in Protestantism. We want you to help us publish some leading work of Luther’s for the general American market. Will you do it?’

“‘I will, on one condition.’

“‘And what is that?’

“‘The condition is that I will be permitted to make Luther talk American, “streamline” him, so to speak—because you will never get people, whether in or outside the Lutheran Church, actually to read Luther unless we make him talk as he would talk today to Americans.’ — Theodore Graebner, from the Preface.

Theodore Graebner, D.D. (1876-1950) published a number of popular books including The Victory of the Cross. He served as pastor, editor of the Lutheran Witness, and as Professor of Philosophy and New Testament Interpretation at Concordia Seminary St Louis.

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