The Hour Struck by Dan E. L. Patch

Of the characters in The Hour Struck , Dan Patch writes, “The hero depicts the victim of “fifth column police politics” prevalent in far too many communities today. The heroine, facing unavoidable circumstances, has no alternative but to fight for the right to protect the good name of those whom she loves. The villains are numerous and represent a system of corrupt politics motivated by selfishness, greed and sin in the hearts of men.”

Dan E. L. Patch began his public service as a patrolman in the Police Department of the City of Highland Park. Within fifteen years, personal qualifications brought him through the various ranks to the position of Chief of Police. A quarter of a century of faithful service gave a feeling of joy and explicit confidence to all citizens who respected the law and who liked to see it administered without fear or favor. Professional competence was attested by the honor conferred by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police when he was made their President for the years 1941-42. In later years he served as Chief of Police of Ypsilanti, Michigan. – J. McGill Reynar, Secretary of The Christian Business Men’s Committee of Detroit.

Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • Foreword
  • 1 Satan’s Paradise
  • 2 The Devil’s Misfit
  • 3 Antiquated Morals
  • 4 The Pleasures Of Sin
  • 5 Virtually An Outcast
  • 6 A Night Rider
  • 7 Organized Disorder
  • 8 Behind The Black Mask
  • 9 The Cult Murder Mystery
  • 10 The Tightening Net
  • 11 The Putridness Of Evil
  • 12 A Vital Message
  • 13 Facing A Difficult Situation
  • 14 A Step In Vain
  • 15 The Malefic Grapevine
  • 16 Self-Created Circumstances
  • 17 A Revelation
  • 18 The Treacherous Trap
  • 19 Seasoned In Sin
  • 20 Lost To Disappointment
  • 21 The Price Of A Drink
  • 22 The Harvest Of The Unjust
  • 23 A Council Of War
  • 24 The Hounds Of Justice
  • 25 A Time Of Testing
  • 26 A Foregone Conclusion
  • 27 A Tangled Web
  • 28 The Hollow Tree
  • 29 Idle Words Are Hard To Explain
  • 30 The Clock Ticks On

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
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