The Wilderness by Joseph Hocking

“Lift me up,” he said.

Endellion lifted him up, and the dying man seized the pen.

“I give everything I have here in Australia, and all I possess in Dulverton, Devon, England, or elsewhere, to my good friend Ralph Endellion. I’m dying, but my mind is sound.

“Robert Granville Dulverton.”

Joseph Hocking was a Cornish novelist and United Methodist Free Church minister. Like the American Presbyterian minister Edward Roe, Hocking’s novels combine rich characters with gripping stories. Joseph Hocking published more than 100 books and was greatly respected as a fiction writer. Hocking passed this life in 1937.

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Book Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • 1. A Chance Meeting
  • 2. Dulverton’s Story
  • 3. Endellion’s Story
  • 4. Temptation
  • 5. Drifting With The Tide
  • 6. “Maaster Robert”
  • 7. The Verdict Of Peters
  • 8. The Meeting
  • 9. The Servants’ Welcome
  • 10. The Church And The Vicar
  • 11. Miriam Donnithorne
  • 12. The Vicar Becomes Doubtful
  • 13. The Squire’s Welcome, and Miriam’s
  • 14. Arthur Dulverton And Squire Donnithorne
  • 15. Arthur And Miriam
  • 16. Endellion At Donnithorne Hall
  • 17. Endellion Tries To Explain
  • 18. Endellion And Miriam
  • 19. The Coming Of The Crisis
  • 20. Endellion’s Progress
  • 21. The Duel
  • 22. Miriam’s Birthday
  • 23. The Two Men
  • 24. Endellion’s Victory
  • 25. How Endellion’s Eyes Were Opened
  • 26. Endellion’s Story
  • 27. Out Into The Wilderness
  • 28. Afterwards
  • 29. How The Debt Was Paid
  • 30. The Wilderness
  • Copyright Notice
  • How Can You Find Peace With God?
  • Benediction

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The Wilderness by Joseph Hocking

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0