Baptism: A Practical Treatise For Plain People by John Whitteker

“What we propose for you, dear reader, is a plain discussion on the subject of Baptism. We are led to this because of the persistent effort which is being made to undermine your faith and lead you to believe that you were baptized at the wrong time, and in the wrong way, and with a wrong notion as to the benefits which your baptism is designed to bring to you.

“In approaching this subject, the first thing to be done is to answer unreasonable objections, produce the Scriptural authority for the Baptism of Infants, and show how history sustains the usage. To do this is a comparatively easy task. And if this can be done, not by wresting Scripture, but by putting upon it its own proper interpretation; not by bandying words, but by an unanswerable array of historical facts, the whole system of the Baptist sect falls to the ground, their excuse to exist as a distinct Church organization ceases, and upon them rests the responsibility of rending the Body of Christ, and of creating schism where there is no tenable ground for separation. – Rev. John Whitteker.

John Edwin Whitteker (1851-1925) attended Thiel College and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, where he was appointed Latin Professor. He was ordained in 1877 and served pastorates in Rochester, NY, Easton, Lancaster, and Rochester, PA. Dr. Whitteker established at least 3 mission churches in his lifetime. He is the author of Baptism: A Practical Treatise for Plain People and Gospel Truths.

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Book Contents

  • Preface.
  • Introductory Chapter. The Scope Of The Work.
  • Part 1. Who?
    • 1. Untenable Objections Answered.
    • 2. Scriptural Grounds For Infant Baptism.
    • 3. Historical Grounds For Infant Baptism.
  • Part 2. How?
    • 1. Baptize As A Heathen Word.
    • 2. Baptize As A Bible Word.
    • 3. New Testament Baptisms.
    • 4. Scripture Argument For Sprinkling.
    • 5. The Word Baptize As Used By Early Church Writers.
  • Part 3. Why?
    • 1. Why Be Baptized?
    • 2. Benefits Of Baptism To Infants.
    • 3. Scripture Argument For Baptismal Regeneration.
    • 4. How The Ancient Church Regarded Baptism.
  • Conclusion.

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Baptism: A Practical Treatise For Regular People by John Whitteker

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  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2019
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0