Little Journeys With Martin Luther by William Harley

“A Lutheran minister, the Rev. W. N. Harley, of Columbus, Ohio, has recently published a very readable book called “Little Journeys with Martin Luther,” in which by means of a fascinating story he shows from the very words of Luther himself that Luther could not be admitted today to any of the large general bodies of Lutherans in America. – Lutheran Quarterly, Vol 47, 1917.

William Harley Little Journeys With Martin Luther

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Book Contents

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  • About The Lutheran Library
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
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  • By Way Of Explanation
  • 1 I Rub My Eyes
  • 2 Luther At Church
  • 3 Getting Acquainted
  • 4 The Doctors Disagree
  • 5 Over The Mountains
  • 6 Unequally Yoked Together
  • 7 The King’s Business Requires Haste
  • 8 Brethren Bland And Otherwise
  • 9 At The Barber’s
  • 10 The Pope Gets A Pelting
  • 11 A Tale Of Mine Host And The Sequel
  • 12 Everything Is Lovely
  • 13 A Fly In The Ointment
  • 14 The Mending Of A Bachelor
  • 15 Where I Stop And You Begin
  • The Remedy: An Interview
  • Copyright Notice
  • How Can You Find Peace With God?
  • Benediction
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Little Journeys With Martin Luther by William Harley

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