Sermons on the Gospels by Matthias Loy

“When you feel your burden of sin weighing heavily upon you, only go to Him… Only those who will not acknowledge their sin and feel no need of a Savior — only these are rejected. And these are not rejected because the Lord has no pity on them and no desire to deliver them from their wretchedness, but only because they will not come to Him that they might have life. They reject Him, and therefore stand rejected. But those who come to Him, poor and needy and helpless, but trusting in His mercy, He will receive, to comfort and to save.” – Matthias Loy

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Matthias Loy (1828-1915) was one of American Lutheranisms greatest teachers. He served as president of the Joint Synod of Ohio, the Columbus Seminary and Capital University, and edited the Lutheran Standard and the Columbus Theological Magazine. In 1881 he withdrew the Joint Synod from the Synodical Conference as a result of Walther’s teaching about predestination. The Lutheran Library continues to find and republish lost issues of Loy’s Columbus Theological Magazine.

“We should again and again set the precious truth before our eyes, that Jesus receiveth sinners with an eager and earnest desire to save them.”

Book Contents

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  • Dedication
  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • “The Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace” by Matthias Loy, 1863
  • Preface
  • 1 Thy King Cometh to Thee. Matt. 21:1-9. Advent Sunday.
  • 2 Christ’s Second Advent. Luke 21:25-36. Second Sunday in Advent.
  • 3 Testimony That Jesus is the Christ. Matt. 11:2-10. Third Sunday in Advent.
  • 4 The Preacher in the Wilderness. John 1:19-28. Fourth Sunday in Advent.
  • 5 The Savior is Born. Luke 2:1-14. Christmas
  • 6 Jesus is Set for the Fall and Rising of Many. Luke 2:33-40. Sunday After Christmas
  • 7 The Sacrament of Circumcision. Luke 2:21. New Year’s Day
  • 8 Hell Rages In Vain Against The Holy Child Jesus. Matt. 2:13-23. Sunday After New Year’s Day
  • 9 The Heathen Come To Worship Christ. Matt. 2:1-11. Ephiphany
  • 10 Lessons From The Youth Of Jesus. Luke 2:41-52. First Sunday After Epiphany
  • 11 What Jesus Does At The Marriage In Cana. John 2:1-11. Second Sunday After Epiphany
  • 12 Faith In The Redeemer. Matt. 8:1-13. Third Sunday After Epiphany
  • 13 The Christian In The Storm. Matt. 8:23-27. Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
  • 14 The Tares Among The Wheat. Matt. 13:24-30. Fifth Sunday After Epiphany.
  • 15 What The Transfiguration Of Jesus Teaches. Matt. 17:1-9. Sixth Sunday After Epiphany
  • 16 The Laborers In The Lord’s Vineyard. Matt. 20:1-16. Septuagesima
  • 17 The Different Hearers Of God’s Word. Luke 8:4-15. Sexagesima.
  • 18 Christ’s Last Journey To Jerusalem. Luke 18:31-43. Quinquagesima
  • 19 The Temptation Of Christ. Matt. 4:1-11. First Sunday In Lent (Invocavit).
  • 20 The Trial Of Faith. Matt 15:2-28. Second Sunday In Lent (Reminiscere).
  • 21 Human Conduct In Reference To Divine Testimony. Luke 11:14-28. Third Sunday In Lent (Oculi).
  • 22 The Believer Trusts Jesus Also In Temporal Things. John 6:1-14. Fourth Sunday In Lent (Laetere).
  • 23 Our Savior’s Treatment Of Satan’s Children. John 8:46-59. Fifth Sunday In Lent (Judica).
  • 24 How Shall We Honor Christ? Matt. 21:1-9. Palm Sunday
  • 25 The Death Of Christ. 1 Cor 15:3. Good Friday
  • 26 Christ’s Resurrection. Mark 16:1-8. Easter
  • 27 Jesus Gives His Disciples Peace. John 20:19-31. First Sunday After Easter
  • 28 The Good Shepherd. John 10:11-16. Second Sunday After Easter (Misericordias Domini).
  • 29 The Sorrow And Joy Of The Christian And Of The World. John 16:16-23. Third Sunday After Easter (Jubilate).
  • 30 The Object Of The Holy Ghost’s Mission. John 16:5-15. Fourth Sunday After Easter (Cantate).
  • 31 Christian Prayer. John 16:23-30. Fifth Sunday After Easter (Rogate).
  • 32 The Ascension Of Jesus. Mark 16:14-20. Ascension
  • 33 Witnessing For Jesus. John 15:26-16:4. Sixth Sunday After Easter (Exaudi).
  • 34 The Blessedness Of Those That Love The Lord. John 14:23-31. Pentecost
  • 35 The New Birth. John 3:1-15. Trinity Sunday
  • 36 The Place Of Torment. Luke 16:19-31. First Sunday After Trinity.
  • 37 The Call To The Great Supper. Luke 14:16-24. Second Sunday After Trinity.
  • 38 Jesus Receiveth Sinners. Luke 15:1-10. Third Sunday After Trinity.
  • 39 Be Ye Merciful As Your Father Is Merciful. Luke 6:36-42. Fourth Sunday After Trinity
  • 40 Labor In Obedience To God’s Word. Luke 5:1-11. Fifth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 41 The Righteousness That Avails Before God. Matt. 5:20-26. Sixth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 42 The Lord Will Provide. Mark 8:1-9. Seventh Sunday After Trinity
  • 43 Warning Against False Prophets. Matt. 7:15-23. Eighth Sunday After Trinity
  • 44 The Unjust Steward. Luke 16:1-9. Ninth Sunday After Trinity
  • 45 The Neglect Of The Things Which Belong To Our Peace. Luke 19:41-48. Tenth Sunday After Trinity
  • 46 The Way Of Justification. Luke 18:9-14. Eleventh Sunday After Trinity.
  • 47 Christ’s Healing Of Spiritual Deaf Mutes. Mark 7:31-37. Twelfth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 48 What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? Luke 10:23-37. Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 49 The Lepers Cleansed. Luke 17:11-19. Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 50 Man’s Only Proper Care. Matt. 6:24-34. Fifteenth Sunday After Trinity
  • 51 Jesus Wakes The Dead. Luke 7:11-17. Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity
  • 52 Beware Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees. Luke 14:1-11. Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 53 What Think Ye Of Christ? Matt. 22:34-46. Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity
  • 54 Jesus Forgives Sins. Matt. 9:1-8. Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity
  • 55 Who Are The Elect? Matt. 22:1-14. Twentieth Sunday After Trinity.
  • 56 Christian Faith. John 4:46-54. Twenty-first Sunday After Trinity
  • 57 The Wicked Servant. Matt. 18:23-35. Twenty-Second Sunday After Trinity
  • 58 The Christian Citizen. Matt. 22:15-22. Twenty-Third Sunday After Trinity
  • 59 The Great Physician. Matt. 9:18-26. Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Trinity
  • 60 The Judgment Upon Jerusalem As A Call To Prepare For The Last Judgment. Matt. 24:15-28. Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Trinity
  • 61 The Final Judgment. Matt. 25:31-46. Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Trinity.
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Special Dedication

A Grateful Thanks To Jonathan Anderson
Whose Gift Of This Rare And Wonderful Volume
Allows The Wisdom of Our Dear Brother Matthias Loy
To Be Made Available to New Generations
Of Believers in Jesus Christ.
From the Lutheran Library Editor.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2019
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Matthias Loy
Matthias Loy

President of the Joint Synod of Ohio, the Columbus Seminary and Capital University, and edited the Lutheran Standard and the Columbus Theological Magazine. In 1881 he withdrew the Joint Synod from the Synodical Conference as a result of Walther’s teaching about predestination.