A Knight of the Century by Edward Payson Roe

“It is a book which those who begin will be pretty sure to finish, deriving from it a new impulse to the truest knighthood.” — Harper’s Magazine.

“The whole tone of the work is manly and healthful. It is thoroughly noble in all its teachings and tendencies.” — Utica Herald.

Edward Payson Roe (1838-1888) was educated at Williams College and Auburn Theological Seminary. He was chaplain of the Second New York Cavalry, U.S.V. and of Hampton Hospital during the Civil War, during which time he submitted weekly dispatches to the New York Evangelist. He served as pastor at Highland Falls, New York after the war, and in 1874 devoted himself to writing and horticulture.[Wikipedia] “Roe first turned to a literary career after the Chicago fire of 1871. Deeply moved by the tragedy, he visited Chicago and penned his first novel, Barriers Burned Away, which proved a tremendous success. Rev. Roe died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of fifty after an evening reading aloud to his family."[Monte Wilson]

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Book Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface
  • 1 Bad Training For A Knight
  • 2 Both Apologize
  • 3 Chained To An Iceberg
  • 4 Immature
  • 5 Passion’s Clamor
  • 6 “Gloomy Grandeur”
  • 7 Birds Of Prey
  • 8 Their Victim
  • 9 Pat And The Press
  • 10 Returning Consciousness
  • 11 Haldane Is Arrested
  • 12 A Memorable Meeting
  • 13 Our Knight In Jail
  • 14 Mr. Arnot’s System Works Badly
  • 15 Haldane’s Resolve
  • 16 The Impulses Of Wounded Pride
  • 17 At Odds With The World
  • 18 The World’s Verdict—Our Knight A Criminal
  • 19 The World’s Best Offer—A Prison
  • 20 Maiden And Wood-Sawyer
  • 21 Magnanimous Mr. Shrumpf
  • 22 A Man Who Hated Himself
  • 23 Mr. Growther Becomes Gigantic
  • 24 How Public Opinion Is Often Made
  • 25 A Paper Poniard
  • 26 A Sorry Knight
  • 27 God Sent His Angel
  • 28 Facing The Consequences
  • 29 How Evil Isolates
  • 30 Ideal Knighthood
  • 31 The Low Starting-point
  • 32 A Sacred Refrigerator
  • 33 A Doubtful Battle In Prospect
  • 34 A Foothold
  • 35 “That Sermon Was A Bombshell”
  • 36 Mr. Growther Feeds An Ancient Grudge
  • 37 Hoping For A Miracle
  • 38 The Miracle Takes Place
  • 39 Votaries Of The World
  • 40 Human Nature
  • 41 Mrs. Arnot’s Creed
  • 42 The Lever That Moves The World
  • 43 Mr. Growther “Stumped”
  • 44 Growth
  • 45 Laura Romeyn
  • 46 Misjudged
  • 47 Laura Chooses Her Knight
  • 48 Mrs. Arnot’s Knight
  • 49 A Knightly Deed
  • 50 Dreaded Death!”
  • 51 “O Priceless Life!”
  • 52 A Man Versus A Connoisseur
  • 53 Exit Of Laura’s First Knight
  • 54 Another Knight Appears
  • Copyright Information

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