Opening a Chestnut Burr by Edward Payson Roe

“The character of the selfish, morbid, cynical hero, and his gradual transformation under the influence of the sweet and high-spirited heroine, are portrayed with a masculine firmness, which is near akin to power, and some of the conversations are animated and admirable.” — Atlantic Monthly

“The most able story that we have had from the pen of Mr. Roe. It is also the best of the so-called religious novels published of late.” — The Christian Union.

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Book Contents

  • Reviews
  • Preface
  • 1. A Hero, But Not Heroic
  • 2. Opening A Chestnut Burr
  • 3. Morbid Brooding
  • 4. How Miss Walton Managed People
  • 5. Was It An Accident?
  • 6. Unexpected Chestnut Burrs
  • 7. A Conspiracy
  • 8. Witchcraft
  • 9. Miss Walton Recommends A Hobby
  • 10. A Plot Against Miss Walton
  • 11. A Drinking Song At A Prayer Meeting
  • 12. Foiled In One Direction
  • 13. Interpreting Chestnut Burrs
  • 14. “A Well-Meanin’ Man”
  • 15. Miss Walton’s Dream
  • 16. An Accident In The Mountains
  • 17. “Promise Or Die”
  • 18. In The Depths
  • 19. Miss Walton Made Of Different Clay From Others
  • 20. Miss Walton Made Of Ordinary Clay
  • 21. Passion And Penitence
  • 22. Not A Heroine, But A Woman
  • 23. Gregory’s Final Conclusion In Regard To Miss Walton
  • 24. “The Worm-Infested Chestnut”—Gregory Tells The Worst
  • 25. The Old Home In Danger—Gregory Retrieves Himself
  • 26. Changes In Gregory
  • 27. Pleading For Life And Love
  • 28. What A Lover Could Do
  • 29. Deepening Shadows
  • 30. Kept From The Evil
  • 31. “Live! Live!”—Annie’s Appeal
  • 32. At Sea—A Mysterious Passenger
  • 33. Collision At Sea—What A Christian Could Do
  • 34. Unmasked
  • 35. A Chestnut Burr And A Home
  • Copyright Information

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