From the Church of Rome to the Church of Christ by James Godkin

“There is not any thing fictitious in the following pages. They contain a faithful narrative of the Author’s experience as a devout Roman Catholic - as a Sceptic in that communion- as a Convert, convinced of the truth of Protestantism, but not renewed in heart - and finally, as a Believer in JESUS.” - from the Author’s Preface.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.


  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Letter 1: Introductory Remarks
  • Letter 2: Early Piety to Act of Faith
  • Letter 3: Transubstantiation to Party Spirit
  • Letter 4: Pyrrhonism to An Infidel’s Hope
  • Letter 5: A Devotee to Sincerity
  • Letter 6: A Maynooth Priest to Church of England
  • Letter 7: Systematic Slander to Prospects of Converts
  • Letter 8: The Rubicon of Romanism to The Convert’s Reasons
  • Letter 9: The Mass to Supreme Pontiff
  • Letter 10: Human Depravity to Justifying Faith
  • Letter 11: Penance to Auricular Confession
  • Letter 12: Intercession of Christ to Catholic Arguments
  • Letter 13: Purgatory to St. Hilary’s Purgatory
  • Letter 14: Transubstantiation to Literal Interpretation
  • Letter 15: Transubstantiation (cont.)
  • Letter 16: Images to An Exhortation
  • Letter 17: Rule of Faith to Infallibility
  • Letter 18: Romish Bibles to Papal Infallibility
  • Letter 19: Regeneration to Human Accountability
  • Letter 20: The Church of Christ to Conclusion
  • Notes

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2024
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0