The Lutheran Reformation and the Jews by Armas Holmio

“The mediaeval history of the Jews is a tale of well-nigh ceaseless persecutions and exilings; and even when life was fairly peaceful and safe for them, they were, nevertheless, shunned. The assertion of Tacitus that they were the enemies of mankind, persisted from one century to another…

“Several years ago I undertook the gathering of material for a treatise, the subject of which was to be “The Lutheran Reformation and the Birth of the Protestant Foreign Missions”. In the first part of the study I planned to explain the attitude of the Reformers toward the Jews and to dilate upon their attempts to win over Israel for the Christian Church. This question, however, turned out to be of such proportions and so distinct from other considerations of missions, that I considered it more practical to confine myself to that alone. The following modest chapters are the result of this work.— Armas Holmio

Book Contents

  • Preface
  • 1 The Reformation And Jewish Missions As Treated In Literature
  • 2 The Attitude Of Catholic Europe Toward The Jews In The Middle Ages
  • 3 Humanism Rises To Defend The Jews
  • 4 Reasons For The Interest Shown In The Jews By The Reformation
  • 5 The Practical Jewish Policy Of The Reformation
  • 6 Mission Ideas Before The Reaction
  • 7 The Reaction And Its Causes
  • 8 Mission Thoughts Of The Era Of Reaction
  • 9 The Relation Of The Jews To The Reformation
  • 10 Summary
  • Index
  • Bibliography

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