The Lord's Prayer by Robert Golladay

“There are two general ways of looking at God; from the point of view of Sinai, or as He is revealed to us on Calvary. If we know God only, or chiefly, as He is revealed to us in the lights and shadows, the thunderings and threatenings, of Sinai, He will appear to us rather stern and austere, — a Lawgiver and Judge.

“There is, and let us thank God that there is; a glimpse of another side to the God of Sinai; a glimpse of the truth that He is also merciful and long-suffering toward all who recognize their need, and respect His sovereignty. But this is only anticipatory of the view of God we get from Calvary.” — Robert Golladay

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Introduction

  • Preface

  • Part 1. Prayer in General

    • Does God Answer Prayer?
    • The Secret Of Unanswered Prayer
    • The Elements Of Prayer: Adoration And Confession
    • The Elements Of Prayer: Petition And Intercession
    • The Elements Of Prayer: Thanksgiving
    • The Adiaphora Of Prayer
    • The Prayer Life Of Jesus
    • The Prayers Of Jesus
    • Jesus’ Doctrine Of Prayer
  • Part 2. The Lord’s Prayer

    • The Fatherhood Of God
    • The Call of God’s Fatherhood
    • The Brotherhood Of Man
    • The Hallowed Name Of God
    • Hallowing God’s Name
    • The Father’s Kingdom
    • The Coming Of God’s Kingdom
    • God’s Holy Will
    • Man As A Doer Of The Father’s Will
    • The Prayer For Daily Bread
    • The Answer To Our Prayer For Bread
    • Man’s Cry For Pardon
    • The Father’s Forgiveness
    • Man’s Forgiveness Of Man
    • Temptation
    • Overcoming Temptation
    • The Problem Of Evil
    • Deliverance From Evil
    • The Ground Of Our Assurance
    • The Perpetuity Of Our Father’s Sovereignty
    • Amen
  • Copyright Notice

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2021
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0