The Ten Commandments by Robert Golladay

“The message of the Law is needed in our congregations today as much as ever. Even where church attendance is gratifying, spiritual life is often on a rather low spiritual and moral plane… The range of topics treated in these sermons is virtually extensive with the spiritual needs and duties of our people. Subjects… likely to result in resentment upon the part of some of the hearers, are boldly dealt with from the standpoint of one who is accustomed to declaring: ‘Thus saith the Lord.’” – From the Introduction by C. B. Gohdes

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Introductory
    • 1 Our Lutheran Catechism
    • 2 Our Christian Foundation. Christ’s Answer to Man’s Question – “What is Truth?”
  • Part 2: First Table
    • 3 God The Lawgiver
    • 4 The Origin And Nature Of Law
    • 5 The Prohibition Of Idolatry
    • 6 Modern American Idols
    • 7 The Use Of God’s Holy Name
    • 8 God’s Holy Day
    • 9 The Proper Observance Of The Lord’s Day
    • 10 The Supreme Duty Of Man
  • Part 3: The Second Table
    • 11 The Christian Family
    • 12 The Duties Children Owe Their Parents
    • 13 Parental Responsibility
    • 14 The Duties Of Governors And The Governed
    • 15 The Sacred Mystery Of Human Life
    • 16 Thou Shalt Do No Murder
    • 17 Indirect Murder
    • 18 The Unspeakable Sin
    • 19 Way Stations On The Road To Perdition
    • 20 The Right Of Private Property
    • 21 The Law Of Mine And Thine
    • 22 God’s Gift Of Speech
    • 23 The Devil’s Perversion Of Speech
    • 24 God’s Warning Against Covetousness
    • 25 The Supreme Duty Of Man To Man
    • 26 God’s Threat From Sinai
    • 27 God’s Promise From Sinai
    • 28 Some Minor Questions Of The Law

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The Ten Commandments by Robert Golladay

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  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
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