Aamon Always by Dan E. L. Patch


Dan E. L. Patch, a devoted Christian and the police chief of Highland Park, Michigan, wrote this book in 1940, just before the US entered World War II. It’s a gripping story of a young man who transcends corruption and misfortune.

Book Contents

  • Foreword
  • 1 Life’s Equations
  • 2 Complications Develop
  • 3 The Unseen Web
  • 4 Defiance
  • 5 Questions, Legal and Otherwise
  • 6 Where the Treasure Is, There Shall the Heart be Also
  • 7 A Venture in Crime
  • 8 Whose Gold Is It?
  • 9 Premonition of Trouble
  • 10 Once a Jew, Always a Jew
  • 11 Languishing in Jail
  • 12 The Shadows Fall
  • 13 Choice of Two Evils
  • 14 The Die is Cast
  • 15 The Law of Compensation
  • 16 Facing Finland and Death
  • 17 Future Without Promise
  • 18 In Disguise
  • 19 The Stowaway
  • 20 The Holy Land
  • 21 An Ensign for the Nations
  • 22 A Man of Mystery
  • 23 The Lord’s Doing
  • 24 The Stumbling Block
  • 25 The Great Iron Claw

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