In His Footsteps: Studies for Edification from the Life of Christ by Richard C. H. Lenski

“In the footsteps of Christ, the Firstborn, we, His brethren, are to follow… The life of Christ is a record of invincible courage and supreme fearlessness… the courage of Christ is of such a nature as to be repeated and wrought in us also, even in the most timid and fearful of human hearts… the fearlessness of Christ alone can implant itself in the hearts of the most timid and shrinking, and give them a boldness as far above mere natural courage as the spiritual is above the fleshly. — From Chapter 22.”

Richard C. H. Lenski (1864-1936) best known for his insightful and still invaluable series of New Testament Commentaries. Professor of theology at Capital University and President of Western District of Joint Synod of Ohio, Dr. Lenski also served as editor of Die Lutherische Kirchenzeitung.

Book Contents

  • 1 The Firstborn Among Many Brethren,
  • 2 The Child Grew — Jesus Increased.
  • 3 He Came Eating And Drinking.
  • 4 Not Where To Lay His Head.
  • 5 Meek And Lowly In Heart.
  • 6 While It Is Day.
  • 7 Thy Will, Not Mine.
  • 8 Behold, He Prayeth.
  • 9 Mine Hour.
  • 10 It Is Written.
  • 11 In All Points Tempted.
  • 12 Behold The Lilies Of The Field.
  • 13 As Christ Loved The Church.
  • 14 He Took Them Up In His Arms.
  • 15 The Things That Are Caesar’s.
  • 16 The Fulness Of Him That Filleth All In All.
  • 17 Whom Jesus Loved.
  • 18 Have I Been So Long Time With You?
  • 19 Moved With Compassion.
  • 20 If I Have Told You The Truth.
  • 21 The Commandments Of Men.
  • 22 Why Are Ye Fearful?
  • 23 Tell No Man.
  • 24 Father, Forgive Them.
  • 25 He Giveth His Life.
  • 26 Into Thy Hands.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2023
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0