Horae Apocalypticae - Hours with the Apocalypse by Edward Bishop Elliott

“The Standard Work - Charles Spurgeon"“A commentary on the Apocalypse, critical and historical; including also an explanation of the chief prophecies of Daniel. Illustrated by an apocalyptic chart and engravings from medals and other extant monuments of antiquity.”

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.


Contents of Volume 1

  • Dedication
  • Preface To The Fifth Edition.
  • Table Of Contents To Vol. I.
  • Preliminary Essays On The Genuineness And The Date Of The Apocalypse Of St. John.
    • 1 The Writer Of The Apocalypse.
    • 2 The Date Of The Apocalypse.
  • Introduction To The Prophecy Of The Future. Rev. 1-4
    • 1 St. John In Patmos.
    • 2 The Primary Apocalyptic Vision, On “the Things That Are.”
    • 3 The Opening Vision Of The Heavenly Throne And Company, Preparatory To The Revelations Of The Future,
    • 4 The Mode And Manner, Plan And Order, Of The Revelation.
    • 5 On The Ensuing Historical Exposition Of The Revelation.
  • Part I. The First Six Seals. The Coming Temporary Prosperity, And Then The Decline And Fall, Of The Empire Of Heathen Rome. (a. D. 96 - 395.) (Rev. 6)
    • 1 The First Seal.
    • 2 The Second Seal.
    • 3 The Third Seal.
    • 4 The Fourth Seal.
    • 5 The Fifth Seal.
    • 6 The Sixth Seal’s Primary Vision.
    • 7 The Sixth Seal’s Sealing And Palm-bearing Visions.
  • Part II. The First Six Trumpets. (Rev. 8:1 - 9:20) The Destruction Of The Western Empire By The Goths: And The Eastern Empire By The Saracens And Turks. (A.D. 395 To 1453)
    • 1 The Half-hour’s Silence In Heaven, And Incense-offering By The Saints, Or Sealed Ones.
    • 2 Intent Of The Trumpet-soundings, And Expository Principles Of The Four First Trumpets.
    • 3 The Four First Trumpet-visions.
    • 4 Forewarnings Of Coming Woe.
    • 5 The Fifth Or First Woe Trumpet.
    • 6 Pause Between The Fifth And Sixth Trumpets.
    • 7 The Sixth, Or Second Woe Trumpet.
  • Appendix To Vol. I.
    • 1 Notice Of The Arguments Of Professors Lücke And M. Stuart For The Galbaic Or Neronic Date Of The Apocalypse.
    • 2 On The Counter-structural Scheme Which Supposes A Chronological Parallelism Of Seals And Trumpets; The Seals As Prefiguring The Church History, The Trumpets The Secular History Of Roman Christendom.
    • 3 On The Roman Coinage, Coins, And Weight, Engraved In This Volume.
    • 4 Specific Objections To Certain Of My Explanations On Various Points In This Volume.

Contents Volume 2

  • Titlepage
  • Table Of Contents To Vol. II.
  • Part III. (A.D. 1453-1789) (Rev. 9:20 - 11:15) The Reformation, As Occurring Under The Latter Half Of The Sixth Trumpet: Including The Antecedent History, And The Death, Resurrection, And Ascension, Of Christ’s Two Sackcloth-robed Witnesses.
    • 1 Retrospective View From After The Fall Of Constantinople Of The Previous Four Hundred Years’ History Of Western Christendom; And Sketch Of Its Religious State In The Era Between That Event And The Reformation.
    • 2 Intervention Of The Covenant-angel Fulfilled In The Reformation. Rev 10:1-4.
    • 3 Epoch Of Antichrist’s Triumph The Epoch Of Christ’s Intervention,
    • 4 Commencement Of The Reformation, In The Discovery First Of Christ The Saviour, Then Of Antichrist The Usurper. Rev. 10:1-5.
    • 5 Revelation Of The Worlds Now 5 Advanced Chronological Position In The Great. Prophetic Calendar Of Daniel And The Apocalypse.
    • 6 The Progress And Ecclesiastical Establishment Of The Reformation.
    • 7 Retrospective View, From The Reformation, Of Christ’s Two Witnesses: - Considered In Respect Of Their Character, And Of The Earlier Half Of Their History.
    • 8 Retrospective View Of Christ’s Witnesses, From The Epoch Of The Reformation, Continued And Concluded: Including Tie Papal Wild Beast’s War Against Them, Their Defeat, Death, And Resurrection.
    • 9 Ascent Of The Witnesses, And Political Establishment Of The Reformation.
    • 10 Termination Of The Second Or Turkish Woe, And Sounding Of The Seventh Trumpet.

Contents Volume 3

  • Titlepage

  • Table Of Contents To Vol. III.

  • Chronological Chart Of The Acts Of The Apostles

  • Part IV. (Rev. 12, 13, 14) Supplemental And Explanatory History Of The Rise, Character, And Establishment Of The Beast From The Abyss, Or Popedom; With Its Chief Adjuncts: And The Contrasted Impersonation Of Christ’s Faithful Church.

    • Introduction. Retrogression Of Tiie Visions.
    • 1 The Sun-clothed Woman Travailing, And Seven-headed Dragon Cast Down.
    • 2 History Of The Woman (the Church) After The Dragon’s Dejection.
    • 3 Identity Of The Apocalyptic Wild Beasts From The Abyss And Sea With Eacii Other ;—and Of The Ruling Head In Either With The Little Horn Of Daniel’s Ten-horned Beast, —st. Paul’s Man Of Sin,—and St. John’s Antichrist.
    • 4 The Seven-headed Ten-horned Wild Beast From The Abyss And Sea.
    • 5 The Beast’s Development, Growth, Pretensions, And Actings, In The Character Of Antichrist.
    • 6 The Two-horned Lambskin-covered Beast.
    • 7 The Image Of The Beast.
    • 8 The Beast’s Mark, Name, And Number.
    • 9 The Beast’s 1260 Years.
    • 10 The Lamb’s Polity Of The 144,000 On Mount Zion, And Its First Omen Of Triumph
  • Part V. The Era Of The French Revolution, As Figured Under The Six First Vials Of The Seventh Trumpet. (a. D. 1789-1848) (Rev. 11:15-19, 15, 16:1-14, And 14:6-8)

    • 1 On The Seventh Trumpets Apocalyptic Synchronisms, General Subjects And Results, And Probable Historical Commencement At The Epoch Of The French Revolution.
    • 2 Historic Epoch Of The Seventh Trumpet’s Sounding, Or Outbreak Of The Great French Revolution.
    • 3 The First Vial.
    • 4 The Second, Third, And Fourth Vials.
    • 5 (numbering error in original edition)
    • 6 The Ineffectiveness Of The Vials To Produce Repentance.
    • 7 The Sixth Vial; Or, Judgment Begun On The Mohammedan Turk.
    • 8 The Opening To View Of The Reformed Church, And Missionary Acts And Anticipations Of The Faithful In It, During The Vials Outpouring.
    • 9 The Three Frogs.
  • Appendix To Vol. III.

    • 1 On The Epoch Of The First Assumption Of The Diadem By Roman Emperors.
    • 2 Refutation Of Mr. Hislop’s “red Republic” Theory Of Non-identity Between The Beast From The Sea Of Rev. 13, And Beast From The Abyss Of Rev. 11, 17.
    • 3 The Roman Popes’ Petrine Theory, And Consequent Pretensions As Christ’s Appointed Vicegerents On Earth, Shown In Its Very Foundation To Be The “lie Of Lies.”
    • 4 Witness Of The Reforming Fathers Of The Church Of England, To The Fact Of The Roman Pope Being The Predicted Man Of Sin, And Antichrist.
    • 5 On The Word שב’ע
    • 6 On Lücke’s Counter-papal Theory Of The Antichrist.
    • 7 Parallelism Between The Out-speaking Against Christian Truth Of The Modern Infidel Spirit, And That Of The Dragon Of Roman Heathenism In The Three Centuries Of Its Conflict With Christianity.

Contents Volume 4

  • Titlepage
  • Table Of Contents To Vol. IV.
  • Part VI. (Rev. 14:9 - 14:20 And 16:15 To End) The Present And The Future. From A.D. 1849 To The Millennium And Final Judgment.
    • 1 The Era Of The Seventh Vial.
    • 2 Chief Old Testament Prophecies Respecting The Crisis Of The Consummation,
    • 3 The Millennium.
    • 4 Suggestions As To The Probable Order Of Events Introductory To, And State Of Things During, And Consequent On, The Millennium.
    • 5 Conclusion.
  • Appendix To Volume IV.
    • Part 1. A Sketch Of The History Of Apocalyptic Interpretation.
    • Part 2. Critical Examination And Refutation Of The Ciief Counter-schemes Of Apocalyptic Interpretation; And Also Of Dr. Arnold’s General Prophetic Counter Theory.
    • Part 3. The Adamic World’s Chronology, According To The Hebrew Scriptures, And Probable Nearness To Its Seventh Millennary.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2024
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Edward Bishop Elliott
Edward Bishop Elliott

The year Elliott died (1875), Charles Spurgeon wrote that Horae Apocalypticae had become the “standard” work on the Book of Revelation. Sadly few in our Laodicean church age have ever heard of it and until recently it was very difficult to obtain.