The Approaching End of the Age by Henry Grattan Guinness

“GOD has been pleased to make three great revelations of Himself to man: his Works; his Word; and his Son, and these revelations have been progressive in character. Nature, the Law, the Gospel; a silent material universe, an inspired Book, a living God-man; these are the three great steps that have led from the death and darkness of sin to that knowledge of the true God which is eternal life.” - H Grattan Guinness, from chapter 1.

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Part 1. Progressive Revelation.

  • 1 God’s Revelation Of Himself To Man Has Been A Progressive One.
  • 2 Progressive Revelations As To The Relative Period Of The Second Advent Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • 3 Progressive Revelations As To The Millennium, The Resurrection, And The Judgment.

Part 2. Progressive Interpretation.

  • 1 Human Comprehension Of Divine Prophecy Iias Been, And Was Intended To Be, Progressive.
  • 2 Consideration Of Certain Broad Principles, On Which The Apocalypse Is To Be Interpreted.
  • 3 The Apocalypse Is A Continuous Prophecy Extending From Its Own Time, To The Consummation Of All Things.

Part 3. Foretold And Fulfilled.

  • 1 The Prophecies Of “babylon,” And ‘‘the Beast.”
  • 2 The Man Of Sin, Or Antichrist.

Part 4. Inquiry Into The Divine System Of Times And Seasons Natural And Revealed.

Section I. Solar And Lunar Dominion Causal And Chronological.

  • 1 Chronology, Biblical And Natural. Is There Harmony Between The Two?
  • 2 Suli-lunar Dominion In The Organic World. Effects Of Light And Heat On The Development Of Plants And Animals And The Human Race.

Section II. The Law Of Completion In Weeks.

  • 1 The Week In Relation To The Periodicity Of Vital Phenomena.
  • 2 The Week In Scripture.
  • 3 The Week In History

Section 3. Soli-lunar Cycles, And Their Relation To The Chronology Of History.

  • 1 Solar And Lunar Supremacy In The Ordering Of Terrestrial Time.
  • 2 Difficulty Of Harmonizing Solar And Lunar Measures.
  • 3 Cyclical Character Of The Prophetic Periods Of Daniel And The Apocalypse.
  • 4 The Prophetic Times And Their Epacts.
  • 5 Soli-lunar Measures Of Our Lord’s Earthly Lifetime, And Of Human History As A Whole.
  • 6 Concluding Remarks.


  • Appendix A. Soli-lunar Cycles, And Their Relation To The Chronology Of History.
  • Appendix B. Authors Consulted In The Preparation Of This Work.
  • Works On Romanism.
  • Works On Prophecy.
  • Futurist.
  • Historical Works.
  • Astronomical Works.
  • Works On Physics.
  • Appendix C. East London Institute For Home And Foreign Missions.
  • Appendix D. Containing Answers To Futurist Objections.
  • Index.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2023
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Henry Grattan Guinness
Henry Grattan Guinness

Irish Protestant Christian preacher, evangelist and author. He started Harley College, also known as the East London Missionary Training School. A traveling preacher, he drew thousands to hear him during the Ulster Revival of 1859. Rev. Guinness trained and sent hundreds of “faith missionaries” all over the world.