The King James Version: Apostolic Texts, Precise Translation versus Fraudulent Texts and Heretical Translations by Gregory Jackson

“Since Tischendorf lied so many times about Codex Sinaiticus, what does that suggest about his earlier work with Codex Ephraim Rescriptus - and his later work embracing Codex Vaticanus?” “How does anyone explain Sinaiticus having white, supple pages after resting unknown for 15 centuries?” — From Questions to be asked while reading this book.

“The most read English Bible is the King James Version, with 55% of the readers, compared to 19% for the latest New International Version, the English Standard Version, and the New Revised Standard Version… The KJV also received almost 45 percent of the Bible translation-related searches on Google, compared with almost 24 percent for the NIV, according to Bible Gateway’s Stephen Smith.” — From the Preface.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

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“Gregory L Jackson PhD is a Lutheran theologian, teacher, and pastor. He received a STM degree in Biblical studies from Yale in 1973 and he earned a Master’s degree and a PhD in theology at the University of Notre Dame in 1982…

“In this book, Dr Jackson demonstrates that “modern” Bible translations (such as the RSV and NIV) are neither inspired nor trustworthy. They are based on defective texts, translated by faithless men… Constantine Tischendorf with his ‘discovery’ of Codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus which he claimed were the world’s oldest and best Bibles, Westcott and Hort with their redacted Greek New Testament which removed references to miracles and the divinity of Jesus, and Eugene Nida with his dynamic-equivalent, paraphrase translations in which essential doctrines are watered-down…” Review by “Amazon Customer”

Book Contents

  • Dedication – Christina Ellenberger Jackson
  • Special Thanks
  • Questions To Be Asked While Reading This Book

Preface – Appreciating the King James Version

  • Alister McGrath

  • Victor Hugo, from Christian History Institute

  • George Bernard Shaw

  • H. L. Mencken, Famous Journalist and Agnostic

  • Winston Churchill

  • Dr. Aland’s Influence on the New International Version

  • Required Reading: The Gospels of Mark and John and the Text

PART ONE – Introduction, The King James Version

  • Preface
  • I. Autobiographical Academic Introduction
  • Old Testament - The Torah, Prophets, and Writings
  • Scholars Are Divided - The Prophets
  • The Writings
  • Abraham in the New Testament
  • Silencing the Mouths of Rationalists and Apostates
  • The History of the Bible
  • The Old Latin Version and Jerome’s Vulgate - Apocrypha
  • Erasmus – The Reformer Who Stayed in the Church
  • The Luther Bible and the Printing Press Established the Reformation
  • One Reformation, One Evangelical and Protestant Church
  • Luther: The Holy Spirit and the Word
  • The KJV Editors and Translators – Seven Year Miracle
  • From Luther to Tyndale to the King James Version

PART TWO – The Greek New Testament Fraud

  • Brief Summary
    • The Apostolic, Majority, Byzantine Tradition
    • Authors and Books - Good and Bad – On the Greek New Testament
    • This Is How the Text Fraud Expanded, From Tischendorf to the KJV Revision
  • II.  Christian Faith and the Greek Text Problem
    • Two Biblical Views
  • III. Books and Authors for Text and Translation Research, Laity and Pastors Alike
    • Edward Freer Hills
    • Dean John William Burgon (1813-1888)
    • Jack Moorman
    • Kurt Aland and Barbara Aland
    • Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont
    • Alexander McClure
  • IV. Unbelievable Biblical Text Rules
  • V. Westcott and Hort, Their Publishing Dates and Attitude
    • Westcott-Hort Quotations from Christian Forums
    • Concerning the Deity of Christ:
    • Concerning the Scriptures:
    • Concerning Hell:
    • Concerning Creation
    • Concerning the Atonement:
    • Concerning Man:
    • Concerning Roman Catholicism:
    • Concerning the Cumulative Effect of Multiple Changes to the Manuscripts:
  • VI. Westcott-Hort’s Use of Tischendorf Became Nestle-Aland’s Standard Text
  • VII. Examples of Abandoning the Traditional Text of the King James Version
    • Edward Hills, The KJV Defended
    • The Ending of the Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:13
    • Mark 1:1 – “the Son of God” removed
    • The Woman Taken in Adultery, John 7:53-8:11
  • VIII. Eugene Nida United the Roman Catholics and Protestants with Bad Paraphrases Called Dynamic Equivalence Translation
  • IX. The Joy and Fruit of Ecumenism – Nida’s Acquired Doctrinal Indifference, Westcott-Hort’s Bad Text, Roman Catholic Unequal Partners in Dynamic Equivalence
    • The Union of Bible Societies and Roman Catholicism
    • The Roman Catholic Experience
    • Today’s English Version – Good News for Modern Man – Bad News for the Bible
    • Bratcher Obituary
    • Eugene Nida United Protestants and Roman Catholics
  • X. Undermining from within Works So Much Better Than Direct Attacks from Outside

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2022
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0