The Minister and his Greek New Testament by A.T. Robertson

“The present volume of essays is designed for those who love the Greek New Testament… The drift back towards Greek is definite, particularly among ministers. In the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, for instance, three hundred young ministers were enrolled during the past session in the various classes in the Greek New Testament, besides those who had carried such work in previous sessions. This is nearly three-fourths of the total number of students, and shows conclusively that Greek is not dead in this institution.

“On May 1, 1923, I completed thirty-five years of service as a teacher of the Greek New Testament… it is a comfort to me beyond words to know that all over the world there are former students of mine, some five thousand in all, who are teaching the truth as it is in Jesus. And I may be allowed a word of felicitation in this my Festjahr to all ministers and teachers of the Greek New Testament everywhere, who revel in the riches of Christ in the greatest treasure of all the books of earth, the Greek New Testament.” — A. T. Robertson

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • About The Lutheran Library
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 The Minister’s Use Of His Greek Testament: Some Knowledge Of Greek Possible To All
    • The Language Of The Common Man
    • The Real New Testament
    • Translation Not Enough
    • The Preacher A Bible Specialist
    • Originality In Preaching
    • Enrichment Of One’s Own Mind
    • Grammar As A Means Of Grace
    • The Tools And The Man
    • Learning To Use The Greek
    • New Helps For The Student
    • The Charm Of The Greek
  • 2 Notes On A Specimen Papyrus Of The First Century A.D.
  • 3 The Use Of Ὑπέρ In Business Documents In The Papyri
  • 4 Pictures In Prepositions
  • 5 The Greek Article And The Deity Of Christ
  • 6 The New Testament Use Of μή With Hesitant Questions In The Indicative Mode
  • 7 Grammar And Preaching: Paul Vs. Peter And John
    • Not Pleading A Lost Cause
    • The Minister A Specialist
    • The Shop And The Sermon
    • The Preacher A Linguist
    • Exactness In Exegesis
    • The Preacher A Psychologist
    • A Closed Greek Testament
  • 8 Sermons In Greek Tenses
  • 9 John Brown Of Haddington Or Learning Greek Without A Teacher
  • 10 The Grammar Of The Apocalypse Of John
  • 11 The Romance Of Erasmus’ Greek New Testament
  • 12 Broadus As Scholar And Preacher

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2021
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0