The First Free Lutheran Diet Edited by Henry Eyster Jacobs

The First Free Diet [formal discussion] of the Lutheran Church was held at St. Matthew’s Church in Philadelphia on December 27-28, 1877. It had representatives from four of the largest Synods at the time. The speakers included some of the great defenders of orthodox Lutheranism in America: Emanuel Greenwald, Charles Krauth, Henry Eyster Jacobs and others.
The remarks made by participants are of particular interest.

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  • The Relations Of The Lutheran Church To The Denominations Around Us by Charles Porterfield Krauth.

  • Misunderstandings And Misrepresentations Of The Lutheran Church by Joseph Augustus Seiss.

  • True And False Spirituality In The Lutheran Church by Emanuel Greenwald.

  • The Augsburg Confession And The Thirty-nine Articles Of The Anglican Church. by John Gottlieb Morris.

  • Theses On The Lutheranism Of The Fathers Of The Church In This Country by William Julius Mann.

  • The Four General Bodies Of The Lutheran Church In The United States by James Allen Brown.

  • The History And Progress Of The Lutheran Church In The United States by Henry Eyster Jacobs.

  • Education In The Lutheran Church In The United States by Milton Valentine.

  • The Interests Of The Lutheran Church In America As Affected By Diversities Of Language by Diller Luther, M. D., Reading, Pa.

  • The Characteristics Of The Augsburg Confession by Frederick W. Conrad.

  • Liturgical Forms In Worship by Charles Augustus Stork.

  • The Divine And Human Factors In The Call To The Ministerial Office, According To The Older Lutheran Authorities by G. Diehl.

  • The Educational And Sacramental Ideas Of The Lutheran Church In Relation To Practical Piety by Augustus Charles Wedekind.

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