Christianity Contrasted With Hinduism by Timothy East

“…if the character of a religious system can be ascertained by the rites which it imposes, and the practices which it sanctions, I should not hesitate to pronounce the mythology of Hinduism to be cruel and obscene. If you examine it, you will not discern any of the amiable and lovely qualities which Christianity manifests. The emblems which adorn their temples, and the instruments with which their deities are armed, are more calculated to inspire dread than confidence, and betray the ruling passion of vengeance, which is found to operate in all their devotional exercises and social habits.” — Timothy East

Timothy East (1817-1892) was the writer of the famous “Evangelical Rambler” which was later republished under the title “The Sheepfold and the Common.”

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • I. A View of Hinduism.

    • 1 Its Origin.
    • 2 Some More Prominent Features.
  • II. The Immense Superiority of Christianity.

    • 1 Christianity is attended by a superior force of evidence.
    • 2 More sublime, Pure and Divine.
    • 3 A More Beneficial Influence.
    • 4 More Solid Hope For Future Happiness.
  • III. Our Duty To Teach Christianity to India.

    • 1 Christianity A Universal Religion.
    • 2 How Propagated.
    • 3 By Whom?
    • 4 British Rule in India.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2021
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Timothy East