Devotional Readings from Luther's Works For Every Day of the Year

Devotional Readings from Luther's Works For Every Day of the Year

“America does not realize what an inheritance she has received from Luther and the Lutheran Reformation. The best way to understand Luther is to have Luther himself speak. His writings are so extensive that there is no trouble in finding something profitable for almost every occasion and condition in life.

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A better introduction to Luther

Dr. Lenker, of blessed memory, who did so much to make Luther’s House Postil and other sermons available in English, repeatedly wrote, “Read Luther! The Faith of the Fathers in the Language of the Children!” Yet many people turn away from Luther after trying to start with Bondage of the Will. A much better way to begin is with Luther’s sermons.


This Lutheran Library republication of Devotional Readings from Luther’s Works is dedicated to R. K., without whom this book might well have been forgotten.


We see many pious hearts that are always sad and downcast, tormenting and alarming themselves with their own thoughts, and being on the verge of despair because of the temptations of the devil. Where, say the world and our own flesh, do you find under these circumstances the Holy Spirit whom you Christians laud so much? A Christian should be wise here and not judge things according to his own thoughts and feelings; he should keep to the Word and the comfort of the preaching which the Holy Spirit gives to all poor and distressed hearts and consciences. God does not desire you to be sad or alarmed, but joyful and comforted with the certain promise of his grace, which the Holy Spirit offers you. – Martin Luther, from the May 22nd entry.

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