Which Predestination: Reformed or Lutheran by Lenski and Stellhorn

Which Predestination: Reformed or Lutheran by Lenski and Stellhorn

This short booklet describes in outline form the differences between the Lutheran and Reformed understandings of election and predestination.

Table of Contents

Original Title

This book was originally published as Part 1 of The Error Of Modern Missouri: Its Inception, Development, And Refutation, Edited by George H. Schodde, PhD, Professor of Theology in the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. The other two parts are also available and highly recommended:

Contents (35 pages)

  • Introduction to the Original [1892] Edition
  • 1. What Is Predestination?
  • 2. What Has God Regarded In Election?
  • 3. What Is The Relation Especially Of Faith To Election?
  • 4. In What Sense Does The Formula Of Concord Speak Of Election?
  • 5. Is Man’s Conversion And Salvation In Every Sense Independent Of His - Conduct?
  • 6. May We Speak Of Man’s Decision Or “Self-determination” In Conversion?
  • 7. What Is The Difference Between The Lutheran And The Reformed Doctrine Of - Election?
  • 8. How Must The Doctrine Of The Dogmaticians Of The Seventeenth Century Be - Regarded?
  • 9. How Is The Doctrine Of Modern Missouri To Be Regarded?
  • For further reading…

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