Election and Conversion. A Frank Discussion of Dr. Franz Pieper's Book by Leander Keyser

“Note how often faith is mentioned in the epistles. Two of Paul’s epistles – Romans and Galatians – were expressly written to prove that men are justified by faith… The letter to the Hebrews devotes a whole chapter – the 11th – to a panegyric on the heroes of faith… faith is the outstanding doctrine of the New Testament, and therefore should take precedence of a doctrine like election, which is treated more incidentally.” — Leander Keyser

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

“We have made faith in Christ the central and regulative principle, just as Paul did, just as Luther did, just as the Augustana and all other Lutheran Symbols do. If anything in our Lutheran system of doctrine must bend, or step aside, it cannot be faith in Christ; for He is the express image of God’s person, His perfect revelation, and faith in Him is our only hope. – From Chapter 4

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