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The Passion Story as Recorded by the Four Evangelists by Solomon Erb Ochsenford

The Passion Story as Recorded by the Four Evangelists by Solomon Erb Ochsenford

From the introduction:

This little book aims at the presentation of a connected narrative of the interesting and important events connected with the passion, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, as recorded by the four Evangelists – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is a compilation of the record presented in the Gospels and is here presented in the words of Holy Scripture. The best Harmonies of the Gospel have been consulted with great care and the order of events carefully collated, according to the days of the week, in order that the reader may be furnished with a connected and harmonious narrative of the momentous and significant events of the memorable week during which our blessed Lord suffered death for the sin of the world and worked out a perfect redemption for man. These events have been graphically recorded by the inspired writers of the Gospels, each in his own characteristic manner. The attempt is here made to blend the four narratives into one, so as to present a single and harmonious story of the Cross of Christ.

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