Hutter's Compend of Christian Doctrine translated by Henry Eyster Jacobs

Hutter’s Compend has been a beloved handbook of the Christian Faith for many Christians over many years. It’s well suited for people at all levels of knowledge.

The translator, Henry Eyster Jacobs, has this to say about it:

“Hutter’s Compend has been selected from among the treasures of our Lutheran dogmatic… Although it is not a full system of Theology, it cannot fail to give all earnest searchers after truth a more thorough acquaintance with the faith of our church, and a clearer conception of the System of Theology contained in our Symbolical Books. More can be learned from it than from a mere cursory reading of the Confessions themselves, inasmuch as the subjects are here treated of in a more connected and symmetrical form than in the Symbols, which were prepared at different emergencies, for different purposes, and each of which is in itself distinct and complete.” — Henry Eyster Jacobs, from the Preface.

Download it - or purchase a paperback - read it, skim it, give it, enjoy it.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Preface.
  • Article I. Of The Holy Scriptures.
  • Article II. Of The Triune God.
  • Article III. Concerning Christ.
  • Article IV. Of Creation.
  • Article V. Of Good And Bad Angels.
  • Article VI. Of The Image Of God In Man.
  • Article VII. Of Providence.
  • Article VIII. Of Sin.
  • Article IX. Of The Free Will.
  • Article X. Of The Law Of God.
  • Article XI. Of The Gospel.
  • Article XII. Of Justification.
  • Article XIII. Of Predestination.
  • Article XIV. Of Good Works.
  • Article XV. Of Repentance And Confession.
  • Article XVI. Of The Office Of The Ministry And Of Church Government.
  • Article XVII. Of The Church Of God.
  • Article XVIII. Of Christian Liberty And Of Church Usages Or Adiaphora.
  • Article XIX. Of The Holy Sacraments In General.
  • Article XX. Of Holy Baptism.
  • Article XXI. Of The Lord’s Supper.
  • Article XXII. Of Sacrifices And The Romish Mass.
  • Article XXIII. Of Offenses.
  • Article XXIV. Of The Cross And The Comfort Experienced Therein.
  • Article XXV. Of Prayer.
  • Article XXVI. Of Monastic Vows And The So Called Evangelical Counsels.
  • Article XXVII. Concerning Civil Authority And Civil Affairs.
  • Article XXVIII. Concerning Matrimony And The Marriage Of Priests.
  • Article XXIX. Concerning The Death Of The Body And The Immortality Oe The Soul.
  • Article XXX. Of The End Of The World.
  • Article XXXI. Of The Resurrection Of The Dead.
  • Article XXXII. Of The Day Of Judgment, And The Coming Of Christ To Judge The Quick And The Dead.
  • Article XXXIII. Of Hell.
  • Article XXXIV. Of Everlasting Life.
  • Copyright Notice

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0