We must also lessen the number of theological books, and choose the best; for it is not the number of books that make the learned man; nor much reading, but good books often read, however few, make a man learned in the Scriptures and pious. – Martin Luther

A Lutheran Treasury of Prayers

A Lutheran Treasury of Prayers

God Hears Us

DEAR FATHER In heaven, Thou lovest me, I know, because I love Thy Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior. Trusting in this I do now confidently pray Thee to hear me and to grant what I ask – not because I am so holy and pious, but because I know that Thou, for Christ’s sake, wilt readily give and grant all things to us. In His name I now come before Thee, offer my prayer – no matter who I am as to my person – confident that it is “yea” and surely heard. Amen.

List of Prayers in the Book

Preparatory Prayers

  • P1. For True Devotion
  • P2. For True Worthiness in Prayer
  • P3. A Prayer of Comfort with Respect to Sin and Unworthiness
  • P4. A Prayer Based on God’s Command and Promise
  • P5. Assurance of Being Heard for Christ’s Sake
  • P6. God Hears Us
  • P7. Preparation for the Lord’s Supper

Daily Prayers

This section includes morning and evening prayers for each day of the week.

Miscellaneous Prayers

  • M1. Prayer on a Birthday
  • M2. A Prayer for Children
  • M3. A Prayer for Young People
  • M4. A Prayer for Servants
  • M5. Prayer of a Husband
  • M6. Prayer of a Wife
  • M7. Prayer for the Aged
  • M8. A Prayer for the Proper Performance of One’s Duties
  • M9. A Prayer Before Work
  • M10. A Prayer for Blessing in One’s Calling
  • M11. A Prayer of Luther on the Passage: “Casting all your Care Upon Him, for He Careth for You”
  • M12. Prayer in View of an Undertaking of Moment
  • M13. Thanksgiving upon Completion of Work
  • M14. Prayer While on a Journey
  • M15. Prayer when Putting Out to Sea
  • M16. Prayer of a Voyager in a Storm
  • M17. Brief Instruction on Confession and Absolution
  • M18. A Poor Sinner Laments the Impenitence of his Heart
  • M19. Prayer for True Conversion
  • M20. Prayer for Forgiveness of Sin
  • M21. A Prayer for Reconciliation with our Neighbor
  • Brief Instruction on The Lord’s Table
  • Why do you intend to go to Holy Communion?
  • The benefit derived from Holy Communion is of a threefold nature.
  • M22. Morning Prayer for a Communicant
  • M23. Prayer for a Worthy Communion
  • M24. A Prayer of Thanks upon Partaking of Holy Communion
  • M25. Prayer for Preservation from Sin, and for their Remission when Committed
  • M26. A Prayer of Meditation on the Sufferings of Christ
  • M27. Prayer at Time of Drought
  • M28. Prayer for Sunshine in a Season of Continued Rains
  • M29. Prayer for the Fruits of the Field
  • M30. Prayer During a Thunderstorm
  • M31. A Prayer of Thanks after the Thunderstorm
  • M32. Prayer in Great Weakness of Faith
  • M33. A Prayer in Great Distress and Danger
  • M34. A Prayer of Thanks after a Safe Journey
  • M35. Thanks for Deliverance from Afflictions
  • M36. Morning Prayer for a Sick Person
  • M37. Another Morning Prayer for a Sick Person
  • M38. Evening Prayer for a Sick Person
  • M39. Another Evening Prayer for a Sick Person
  • M40. A Prayer in Sickness
  • M41. Prayer of Contrition in Sickness
  • M42. Brief Prayers for the Sick – For Each Hour of the Day
  • M43. Thank Offering after Recovery
  • M44. Three Prayers in the Hour of Death
  • M45. A Prayer of Those Present for a Person in the Agonies of Death
  • M46. A Short Litany together with Prayers for a Dying Person
  • M47. A Prayer after the Patient has Departed in the Lord

Appendix 1. Prayers For The Festival Days

  • Prayer at Beginning of a New Church Year
  • Prayer for the Advent Season
  • A Christmas Prayer
  • A Prayer on New Year’s Day
  • Prayer on Epiphany
  • Prayer on the Day of Purification
  • Prayer on Day of Annunciation
  • Prayer on Maundy-Thursday
  • Prayer on Good Friday
  • Prayer on Eastertide
  • Prayer on Ascension Day
  • Prayer on Day of Pentecost
  • Prayer on the Festival of Holy Trinity
  • Prayer on Day of John the Baptist
  • Prayer on the Day of the Visitation of Mary
  • Prayer on St. Michael’s Day
  • Prayer on Reformation Festival
  • A Prayer on the Day of Church Dedication
  • Prayer on Harvest Festival
  • Prayer on Mission Festival
  • Prayer of Thanks

Appendix 2. Hymns

  • Morning Hymn
  • Evening Hymn
  • Cross and Comfort
  • Beloved, “It is well!”
  • The Christian Life
  • Death and Eternity
  • Abide With Me
  • I Fall Asleep In Jesus’ Wounds
  • “Forever with the Lord!”

Appendix 3. A Mother’s Prayer

  • Prayer of a Mother for Wayward Children
  • Prayer of a Mother before being Delivered of a Child
  • Thanksgiving after a Happy Birth
  • Prayer of a Husband at the Birth of a still-born Child
  • Prayer of a Mother who has given Birth to a Deformed Child.
  • Prayer before being Subjected to an Operation
  • Prayer for a Happy Death
  • Prayer of a Dying Person for his Family and Friends

Appendix 4. Prayers For Children

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