Martin Luther: The Hero of the Reformation by Henry Eyster Jacobs


“Professor Jacobs is an exceptionally sympathetic and competent biographer… (He) has availed himself of all the latest sources of information, and done the needful work of selection and condensation with excellent judgment and skill.” — Christian Intelligencer.

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Henry Eyster Jacobs (1844-1932) served as Professor of Systematic Theology and President of the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia. He was president of his church’s board of foreign missions, and edited the Lutheran Church Review, the Lutheran Commentary, and the Lutheran Cyclopedia. He wrote and translated many books.

Book 1. The Monk (1483-1517)

  • 1 Birth And Childhood
  • 2 Student Life
  • 3 In The Cloister
  • 4 The Professor

Book 2. The Protestant (1517-1522)

  • 1 The Sale Of Indulgences; And The 95 Theses
  • 2 The Reception Of The Theses And The Heidelberg Conference
  • 3 Eck, Prierias, and the Pope
  • 4 Before Cajetan at Augsburg
  • 5 Miltitz and the Leipzig Disputation
  • 6 Political Complications; New Allies; The Three Great Treatises Of 1520
  • 7 The Bull
  • 8 The Diet Of Worms
  • 9 At The Wartburg

Book 3. The Reformer (1522-1546)

  • 1 Carlstadt And The Zwickau Prophets
  • 2 Rebuilding
  • 3 The Lines Drawn
  • 4 The Peasants’ War
  • 5 Marriage
  • 6 Visitation Of Churches And The Catechisms
  • 7 Zwingli And The Marburg Colloquy
  • 8 Coburg And Augsburg
  • 9 The Schmalkald League And The Struggles With Rome And Fanaticism
  • 10 Vergerius; The Wittenberg Concord; And The Schmalkald Articles
  • 11 New Triumphs And Trials
  • 12 The Landgrave Of Hesse
  • 13 Diet Of Ratisbon; Controversies With The Jurists, Emperor, And Pope
  • 14 Luther’s Theology
  • 15 Home Life And Last Days


  • Appendix I – Bull Of Leo X. Against The Errors Of Martin Luther And His Followers
  • Appendix II – Luther’s Confession
  • A Selection from the Catalogue of G. P. PUTNAM’S SONS

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