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The Lutheran Church in the Country by George H. Gerberding

The Lutheran Church in the Country by George H. Gerberding

George H. Gerberding was born in Pittsburgh in 1847. He served as a missionary and pastor in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Fargo, North Dakota, and as president of the Lutheran Synod of the Northwest and of the Chicago Synod. He was a professor at the Chicago Lutheran Seminary and Northwestern Lutheran Seminary. He died in 1927.1

Rev. Gerberding’s best-known book is The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church. An excellent version is available online, and is worth seeking out. But Gerberding wrote a handful of other books, one of which is this Lutheran Church in the Country, published in 1916. While the people of that America may be no more, there remains a comfort in learning about that far-away age of not so long ago through the eyes of a man with a true pastor’s heart.

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